Hairstyles for Long Hair

Whether we’re talking about casual cocktail events or fun house parties – they’re all great places to relax! That’s the exact opposite of what you want your hair to do right though? Since braids are trendy right now, I’ve come to the rescue with simple but beautiful party styles that you’ll love!

Ultimate Party Hair Rules

Attaining the perfect party hairstyle is all about learning and playing by some practical rules of hair styling. They’re all tried and tested by me and my long, straight hair!

Long Hair Party Ideas You Should Recreate!

And now – I’m going to show you how to slowly build each of these hairstyles for a party!

Braided Updo

type= Split your hair into two sections. Do a Netherlands braid each section pancaking it as you go. Make sure you twist all braids slightly to the middle! Tie both braids in a loop around each other and lock in place. You can bring the braids wherever you want the bun to be – it’s up to you!

Braided Updo

Divide this segment in two even parts down the middle of the face. Do a pancaked Netherlands braid on each segment as you go! Half up Double Dutch Braids

Fishtail Flower Half Up Style

type= Take a large section of hair from the front of the head and build a Dutch fishtail braid pancake as you go. As you hit halfway down the head stop adding in hair and creating a fishtail plait. Tie the fishtail around in a loop (make sure it gets smaller as you go!) and lock in position. Take directly next to it a larger section of hair and start a Dutch lace braid across the head. Tie it off after plaiting a few centimeters. Plait it with the first small section of hair – then tie it off. Pin it in the center of the braid of the Netherlands. At the end, tie them together!

Half Up Stacked Braid

Braided Flower

type= Take a section of hair to the side of your head and do a Dutch braid over your head pancaking it as you go. Do another pancaked Dutch braid underneath the first one. Then take the end of the first braid and curl it into a spiral shape to make it into a flower. Start a braid for the fishtail to the right side of the head. Keep braiding to make sure you use all the hair from both sides of your head (just as if you were braiding a balanced fishtail – but on the side of your head). Continue the braid of the fishtail until the hair is gone. Then move to the end of the hair with a fishtail plait – and tie off. Take the plait of the fishtail and wrap it in a spiral to make sure the spiral gradually becomes smaller. Lock it in place at last!

Fishtail Updo

Triple Ladder Braids + Flower

type= Take a small hair section from one side of the head and start a twisting waterfall braid across the head. Attach it as soon as you finish adding hair to the braid. Take another small hair section from one side of the head and start a twisting waterfall braid. Proceed for a few centimeters to curl the strings at the end and then tie it off. Take a few centimeters under the first one of a small section of hair and do a lace braid. Make sure the strands you are bringing in are the twisting waterfall braid strands. Continue to plait the hair using the twist’s edge. Attach the plait away – and you’re finished!

Ladder Braids

Rope Braid Style

type= Take a section of hair from the left side of the head and do a rope braid connecting it to the middle of the head. Just put in hair from the left side of the head. If there is no hair left to add in just continue wrapping the strands around each other and tie off at the end. Tie these parts together to create a small ponytail on the back in the middle. When you flip the ponytail around you to produce a twisted look. To loosen it slightly, pull on the twists. Repeat these steps so that under the first section you will have a second twisted ponytail. Take the rest of the hair from the ponytails plus the hair below them and start pancaking a plait fishtail as you go. Bind it to an elastic band and-voila! Half Up Fishtail Braid

Mixed Waterfall Braids

type= Take a small section of hair on one side of the head and do a four-strand waterfall braid across the back of the head. Continue to make a four-strand plait for a few centimeters and tie it off. Go back and pancake the braid gently. Take a small section of hair under the first section. Attach it to a small ponytail. By pancaking the braid, generate a voluminous effect. Taking the ponytail and pancak as you go a fishtail plait. At the middle, tie it off. To make a bun, take the fishtail and wrap it in a spiral. Place it in place – and get the compliments ready!

Dutch Braid + Fishtail Bun

Stacked Braid Updo

type= Take a small to medium-sized section of hair from the very front of the head and segment it off. Take a large section of hair underneath the first one. Do a Dutch five-strand braid with a large section of hair pancaking as you go. Take a hair section below the first section and begin a fishtail braid, but only put hair down halfway down the head. Do a fishtail plait at the end of the fishtail braid (exactly the same technique except that you stop getting extra hair). Take the first segment and do just one side of it with a plait pancaking. Wrap it in a spiral with the side facing pancaked. Make sure every time the spiral is smaller and each layer overlaps the previous one, producing the flower effect slightly. Pin in place of the flower. If you want, add a little bling!

Half Up Fishtail with a Flower

Cornwalls and Flowers

type= Part hair on one side and section off hair that you will not be braiding. Also remember to section off the hair below the cornwalls and flowers that will not be in the braid. Section the remaining hair into even parts. Section off the front of each section of a relatively small piece of hair. Using the rest of the hair in one of the big sections, pancakes a Dutch braid as you go. Repeat Step to your hair’s other side. Take the small hair section at the front and pin it to the Dutch braid once you tied it off. Repeat step to the hair’s other side. Add all braids to a low ponytail or where you want the bun to be. Take the ends of the braids tied to the ponytail. Break the ponytail into two parts and curl them, forming a rope braid around each other. To create a bun, twist the rope braid into a spiral and pin it!

Double Stacked Braid Into a Bun

French Braids and Bubble Braid Half Up Style

type= Part the hair down the middle of the head and stop at approximately one-third of the way down. Take a part of the hair from the right side and make a French lace braid towards the end. Tie it off once the middle of the head is long enough to reach. On the left side, repeat this step. Take under the rope grab a small section of hair and tie it. Tie it off when hitting the middle of the head is long enough. On the left side, repeat this step. Combine all braids in the center of the head fishtail with a part of hair plaiting all the hair and tie off. Pancake the fishtail braid loosely – and finish it! Half up mixed braids

Braided Low Bun

type= Attach a ponytail about halfway down your head with a small section of hair from the crown. Take a small section of hair around the front just below the hair in the ponytail and make a Dutch braid all the way around to where you attached the ponytail. Make sure you just stop adding it to your hair when you hit the ponytail – but keep playing. Leave it to stay out of the way for this style. Take a small section of hair from your head’s crown and tie it with a clear elastic in a small ponytail. Use another clear elastic to tie another small ponytail below it. Split into two sections the first ponytail. Bring the second ponytail up and clip it out of the way through the middle of the split. Under the second, tie a third ponytail to ensure that the strings left over from the first ponytail are integrated. Split into two sections the second ponytail. Take the third ponytail up and clip it out of the way through the center of the split. Tie another ponytail under the third one to ensure that the remaining strands from the second ponytail are incorporated. Follow these steps until all the hair you used in the half-up braid has been used. Once you’ve run out of hair to keep repeating the same cycle in new ponytails. But this time, instead of bringing new hair into new ponytails, simply bring through the middle of the split section the remaining strands hanging from the ponytail above it.

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