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There are plenty of beautiful boys haircuts available to choose from for boys and men. These styles were inspired by music and film icons as well as sports stars, the only problem is that you cant wear the style you want. The role and career in which youre interested determines your hair and clothing style to a large extent. So youve got to be careful when deciding to style your hair, know where youre going and choose the best fit for the occasion among these boys haircuts.

Very Short hair

Instead of removing everything, leaving some hair can still work, particularly for African Americans.

Sideburned Style

Facial hair, particularly sideburns, can work to your advantage. To create a laid-back look, you should match the sideburns to the fade on the sides of your head.

Simple Cut

This may be the dullest of all hairstyles I know of, and thats why people who are generally very active favor it. For this, you dont need any material, and it works for all hair types and occasions, hence its popularity.


The Mohawk arrived quickly, everyone got hooked and many people applied it, then the look just faded away, I admit I did it. You still see one pop up every now and then, and you realize how unique it is in a design. It may vary from a few inches to really crazy lengths, but it remains a Mohawk either way.


Instead of an abstract pattern, a complete haircut image could be created. Theyre complicated just like patterns, and you want to get it right the first time.

Bald Cut

You dont want to worry about keeping your head, why not avoid it. Some well-known people have been able to pull off a very attractive bald look, and it is always clean. You can either do away with your hair completely or just leave it behind a little bit.


Youre off the job and youd like to see something that shows youre laid back. Converting other hairstyles into a wave and completely changing your look is fast. All youre going to need is a little product and work, and thats it.

Clean Cut

A clean haircut is ideal for a specialist. You look good, and you still maintain the professional look if you work in an office. Even if youre not in the workplace, a clean cut in every event demonstrates seriousness, so if youre not sure about the hairstyle you want, always go for it, it never lets you down.

Bob haircut

Bob cut is another classic style that doesnt seem to go anywhere. You can differentiate a bob cut from the amount of hair that falls on the face and back, you can equate it with a helmet. Nonetheless, its perfect for a young man, and Ive never seen this look of a forty-something rock.


I see this as a little ponytail. Essentially, youve shaved your head, but then youve left a few hair strands at the back. You then let these strands fall like a ponytail on your back, although its considered a rattail because you dont have hair on the rest of your head.

Edgy and Modern

You can also let go by freeing your hair, adding some cream and gel and making spikes at the top of your head. It also works on all hair styles, so its kind of standard.

Side Parted

Just because its clean doesnt mean the character shouldnt have. Split the hair on one side of your head and let the hair stream on both sides. This style is still clean and is often seen with Wall Street guys, much like so many professionals in The Wolf of Wall Street.


Im not sure if its in the old school category, but its been around for a long time. To people with long and kinky hair texture, it is the natural style and requires only combing away from the scalp. The end result is a cloud or ball relative. This is differentiated from the Jheri curl only by the fact that, although the final look is somewhat similar, it does not include a material.


In the boys haircuts category there is no lack of casual types, here are just a couple.

high Top

A flat top variant that needs longer hair and reasonable maintenance. Weve seen this style with the hip-hop legends in the 60s to 80s and its going to pop up every once in a while. With this one, youre also guaranteed to turn some heads because its exclusive, and it leaves the rest of the hair for modifications. You can add patterns to the side of the head, for example, or apply a fade.

Flat Top

This style is unique and can vary depending on your hairs height. If you have long hair, it will look flat on the top side of your body. The body, however, fades away in the middle for shorter hair, exposing the top part of your face. Although I dont see too many people with it, the latter is really special.

Roughed up and Shaggy

It is possible to pull off the ultimate casual look with a shaggy look. This is not to suggest that there is no work done on it, you have to try to create a shaggy look that looks good-looking.

The Caesar

Although shorter and cleaner, this style is somewhat similar to the bob cut. This includes adding a cream that keeps the hair clung to the scalp throughout the day, although not as distracting to the face as the bob.


As the name says, if you want to look like one, its a popular look amongst rock stars. Essentially, using a flat iron, you let your hair down and smooth the skin. Its a casual look that doesnt attract too much attention.


I like ponytails in particular, although I have never had the opportunity to do so. Its a very clean look and with facial hair it works great. Essentially, a ponytail involves pulling your hair back and away from your face and then tying it together at one point. Its perfect because it can function in a professional environment as well.

Perfectly Professional

You do not need to cut your hair in the office environment. If you keep your hair away from your face, you can still create a clean and polished look. Itll take a bit more time to get it going in the morning, but thats the price youre paying to keep your hair.

Simple Fade

This style leaves more hair on the top of the head while the hair on the sides and back fades slowly as you step downwards. You can choose whether to cut or replace the hair at the end of the fade. This haircut is perfect for a professional as it is clean and needs no maintenance.


One of the types you should wear when you have very long hair is the dreads. It is one of the oldest hair styles and can even be seen in ancient Egypts mummified remains. Dreadlocks are clean, despite what people think, requiring washing up to once a week. You can either encourage the dreadlocks to grow on their own or comb your hair to form locks regularly.

Long Man Tail

While the ponytail is tiny and ties the hair together at one level, if you really have long hair, it will not be enough. The man tail is a replacement for that, and instead of being wrapped around the top of the head, its tied at the back of the head, and the hair keeps falling over the back.

Old School

Some hairstyle seems to never leave us, here are some haircuts weve seen over the ages:

Tapered and Slicked Back

A popular style in the past was to leave a lot of hair on the top and front of the head and apply a fad. Then, in a continuous flow, the front hair was sliced back.

Wild AndOver-Top

These are the types you get when you really want to stand out. To me, frankly, theyre crazy, and you could just get lots of stars around the streets.


This style seems to have won the most common haircut in 2014. This requires, though not absolutely, shaving the hair on the sides and back of the head, leaving hair at the top medium length. You can then determine, by combing it to one side or slicking back, whether you want the hair at the top side-swept.


You can easily create a pattern from your clothes, whether its your favorite football team, a name or even a sign, youve probably seen some of them in a game or in a group. This style is unique, and depending on the post, you still need a professional barber to do it because once its done, theres no hiding or change.


Inspired by the rock god Elvis Presley, this haircut has become the emblem for classic rock lovers and is the best in the retro department. Basically, you have more hair on top than the sides, theyre kind of slicked back on top, but not all the way back. The final look to the forehead is a larger amount of hair.
Slicked Back

This is another multi-purpose mens haircut that is clean but can still be used for casual occasions. Nevertheless, you need to be prepared to work on it, you need to regularly brush it and own a decent pomade or hair gel.

Jheri Curl

In the past, this haircut has been popular among African Americans, although it is still common. Treatment is much simpler than other types, which has resulted in its success. That and the fact it was used by some popular musicians.

The Distinguished Man

Long hair is not just a casual look, it can also be a professional gentlemans mark. You just need to add a small amount of pomade to the hair to take it off and let it dry. The end result is a slightly shaggy, but clean feel. Nevertheless, it mostly works for older men, so if youre still in class, you might want to keep away from it.