haircut looks from Zayn Malik

Marine Short Shave

They may have long, medium and short styles to know that someone is a hairstyle icon. Here singer proves to be a master of all crafts by achieving a close shave with a slightly longer top than the arms. It’s a weekend where you just want to go for games or with entertainment when you just want to take it easy.

Punk Cute

He may never forget his great-looking hair when showing off his tattoos. There, the sides of the scalp are shaved to nearly an inch, while the top is left flat and thick facing the front. On the front there are rising and curly tips leaving his front with a beautiful appeal. To form a cave-look, the front is drawn further beyond the front hairline.
Were you intrigued by any other haircut from Zayn Malik? If you love One Direction music then one of the group members with stunning hairstyles would have been keen to notice. That’s Zayn Malik, and maybe you don’t know what else she’s got in store for you. It’s not you alone who loves it because there are many other people doing it and they want to borrow from this fashionicon one or two things. Here’s a sample of of his bestcuts that’s going to catch your eye and you might want your barber to look like that.

10Hair band

This famous person tries the reverse waves and secures them with a hair band. His looks are never deceived by this style. His entire thick mop is usually drawn towards the slender waves forming the back. This is a casual night-out look you can borrow and be at the top of your charm as well.

Icy Top

In a heated performance, it has a rather rare icy top that looks like a mountain peak. The sides were shaved down and flattened in gray and brown shades. It must have been a success that fans who love his never-ending hairstyles made a great impression on him.

13Sexy Shortness

Receiving a music prize, this guy surprises you with a close cut that leaves his sexy face to be admired. It’s a simple look to create, but Malik makes it look like a great style any other guy who wants to have a close cut. To build a crown effect, the sides are shaved an inch lower than the rim.

Wide Mohawk

Ready for a game, Malik is clearly not the typical Mohawk’s fun. He pulls a wide top that would function like a hidden Mohawk, but at the neckline the back doesn’t stop. It gives him a feeling of freedom around the head and he can give the fans a good performance.

Cropped Top

Probably at home, here hetries to show off one of his not – so-common style that will leave you wondering why he never makes it his trademark. The sides are rasped clean, cropping the top bundle and pulling backwards. The front has a simple hairline that shows you what a beautiful face he’s got.

Side Sweep

It seems that he’s ready for a gaming weekend and that his hairstyle should be matched with athem. The sides were trimmed to about an inch and combed downwards. The sweep starts on the side at the top and runs straight across the top of the head.

Thorny Top with Bangs

Truly, there’s never a style you’ll see in the double layered sweep that Malik looks perfect. The shorter side sweep appears to be the lower layer while the longer one at the top appears to dominate. In this look, he’s out with friends for a glass of wine.

Official look

Singer looks like he’s out there for a night or a date and he’s got a great day styleto. The sides are as smooth as the norm. The top is compounded by strong side walls and adjusted to a flat ironed table at the top. There are a few short spikes, but they don’t rise above an inch.

Lovely Look

He gets casual and at home but his hairstyle doesn’t challenge his beauty. The top is a thick mop that seems to swallow the bottom layer, trimmed to one or two inches and smoothed to give a fine touch. He deserves the beautiful name for a casual day at home with this style.

Spiky Front

This is a Zayn Malik haircut that’s too simple for you. With the front top ending in bundled spikes, the sides are mopped up and combed forward. Malik is seen on one of the occasions when the team is not in practice with this style taking lazy strolls.

Wild Waves

In one of their album’s radio advertisement, Malik puts on the wild waves and you’re going to love it all. The hair is allowed to twist, coil and curl. On the forehead, two thick strands are swept sideways while a side sweep is carried as near as the eye. In a clear view, the ears and eyes are left and you can look as elegant as this too.

6Shaggy Look

One of Malik’s specialties is the partying look. The hair is allowed to do its rolls and curls in this one. The sides fall down to cover the eyes while the top is slightly swept to one side and the eyebrows are touched. It’s a black and white case, and it’s a good hairstyle to go with it.

Parted waves

You should have noticed one thing about Malik’s haircuts: the top is usually his strongest point. In this style, perhaps he’s out for a walk in a casual look. The front of the sides is trimmed and combed. The top remains untouched with dense strings pointing backwards in wavy shapes.
Wavy Spiky

Malik’s top is one thing you can’t fail to notice, but it’s even more prominent when exaggerated at the top. The lower sides are cut to a smaller size, but just like the edges, the back is not touched. It’s a look he pulled during the 2015 appearance of one of the band.

Front raised

Malik never relinquishes his guard when working. His hairstyle is one thing that can always assure fans and admirers of its perfection. His sides are combed forward in this elevated front while the top is smooth but on the front with spiky gray tips. Performing in it is a great haircut and you may be interested in it.

Brown Scattered

In one interview, Malik walks in a brown-scattered style with the sides pulled to the front while the top is left free with curls and waves. From all the other styles in which you’ll ever see him, this one that leaves you with its genius styling a great impression.

White Stripe

This look shows how professional and casually stylish design master Malik is. His thick mop is backed by the hand and forms a solid top with the short white line at the front making it more exotic. In a casual date, he wears it and you can never fail to see how professional and smart he looks.

Classic Zayn Look

This is the style for most performances and red carpets. It’s easy to get an impression of medium size hair with a thick flat quiff on top touching the sides. A single strand on one side of the eye is dropped, but then curled to the nose.

Long Back Pull

It’s not an easy task to get ready for a performance tour and a great hairstyle can be a big plus. With a long back pull, this knows it better and you’ll be left in admiration. The whole section is drawn backwards, but with the clear cut hairline, the front is blurred. There’s no way you’re going to be an eye-catcher in this theme just like Malik.

Shoulder Length Fountains

In a recent show, girls must have loved his shoulder-long fountains. Through letting your hair fall freely and forming C-curls at the ends, you can still achieve such a look and get as much admiration. That’s a rare beauty look that guys would die in order to get it on them.

Cool Face Drawback

The guy seems to be on a trip looking for a beautiful girl because that’s what the cool face drawback says. The dark hair is pulled back from the front hairline and finely combed just before the neckline to form a single knot. The face is left to display perfect cheekbones and the radiant feature that can never be missed.

Medium Curly

This medium curly top, which was guarded from the sides by finely combed hair, entered for One Direction’s performance. The top is left with a flat impression, but with nice-looking short curls it is’ spoiled.’

Back Locks

Award is awarded to him and he does not want his haircut to go unnoticed. A large portion of the hair is pulled back with just a few strings that make up bands that are allowed to run to the front. These are not locks per se, but they can be seen as tangles.

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