Hair Color Trends for Fall and Winter

The weather is getting colder and the days are getting shorter. It’s time to switch the bright colored summer wardrobe and tank tops to the silent hues of cozy sweaters and cute fall boots. But what about changing the color of your hair? Read on for your fall / winter hair color prediction for everything from blonde to brunette and balayage to bright vivids.

Champagne Blonde

Warm up with a champagne gloss to get your summer blonde into the changing season. Bring the highlights around your face only to build this look and use your natural color for dimension and rooty feeling. Then tone faded highlights in your skin and brown eyes with a soft golden blonde to enhance warm undertones.

Sweet Tea

Try adding a touch of rose to a sweet tea influenced hue for a fresh drop on strawberry or auburn skin. The added cool tone, while maintaining a mellow ginger vibe, gives tons of contrast. This will be a new spin on the red / copper tones we see picked up in the fall and will make the eyes of Hazel pop! 128.jpg” />

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It is super modern to combine warm and cool tones in one look, adding suspense and mystery to your colour. For dark blonde / light brown beauties, this look will work best. Using super cool ash tones to check a shadow root slightly warmer than your normal color and shade highlights. The hotter shadow source plays skin tone and summer highlights take place in fall and winter with the cool element.

Dulce De Leche

Original someone from Weathers? Brunettes of this season are warming up with rich tones of caramel. Balayage is my go-to technique to achieve perfectly placed pieces that are heavier for pop around the face and spread out to preserve depth and dimension through the back. Demand a gloss with a touch of golden copper for extra ooey-gooey goodness over chocolate brown eyes!


Vivid colors have become popular and are not going anywhere this season! Try to play with moodier tones in an ombré effect for transition into fall / winter. I get all the feeling of falling from this rooted coral scanning. Dark violet aquamarines and fuchsias will also scream cooler weather, and for a realistic look several vibrant and bright tones will play well together.


Are you searching for something on the lighter side to try a pleasant fashion color? Seek the bright pastel parents in the blue and steely lavender rose gold infant. Adding a powdery or smokey undertone will give your favorite cozy sweater a worn look that fits perfectly!

Copper Penny

Natural bases need to pack more punch to keep up with the growing popularity of vivids and fashion shades. Prepare to see vivid coppers as dazzling as a fresh penny in reds! Do not go too dark to retain the vibration, or the copper will become brown-out. Too light and you’re going to look orange … try to find that true copper somewhere in the middle. Use a glaze to enhance midlengths and ends to achieve maximum effect.


Burgundy cousin Merlot’s close relative will have a more natural and modern atmosphere. If you want something fun and trendy but need to keep it real for work or lifestyle, try this on a darker basis. This works really well as a global color for a deep and dramatic look, or it’s beautiful in a shadow to punch through the ends a little brighter.

Brown Chestnut

Brunets washed out can warm up with a beautiful Brown Chestnut this season. For more skin tones than an ash brown, this super rich color will be flattering and it is so reflective that it practically glows. Ask for an ammonia-free semi-permanent paint for full shine and no demarcation line (grow out invisible!). After a summer of fun in the sun, your luscious locks look and feel safe and revitalized!

Hot Black

The blue black season is setting off. Enter warm black a shade with all the drama and without all the baggage to appear tough or wash you out. Naturally, warm tones do not live in a real black level, so ask for the darkest brown possible and add lots of gold and copper tones. The heat won’t read as gold and copper, it’s going to look super warm and light. On fair skin and brown eyes, this will be particularly flattering. 136.jpg” />

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Silver Fox

We’re going to see silver sparkle this season, beautiful at all ages. As an overall color, Silver works great as popping highlights and even as a way to blend in your natural gray sparkle! The more you illuminate your hair, the more you can achieve a silver effect. Try also an at-home mask to prevent your paint from becoming brassy. My preference is Moroccanoil’s new Color Deposit Mask in Platinum. It will preserve your silver fox when pre-lightened strands are conditioned and repaired.

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