Hair Care Myths

I’m just like everybody else out there looking for a youth fountain. Yeah, I’d settle down for a cream of cellulite that works, but let’s face it, it doesn’t exist. We all want something we don’t have. Those babes curly hair dream of straight silky hair. The silky straight haired babies twist their braiding and crimp their locks just to give it an ounce of texture. The war is true friends of mine. Although I am unable to cure the current problem of cellulite which plagues most of us women. Only one can dream of it. I may shed some light on some of the misconceptions or misinformation that our majestic crown has been told over the years. Our body, our blood.

100 Strokes a Day

Myth really comes to my mind. Brushing your hair 100 blah blah blah strokes a day will make it grow longer. Truth. Marcia Brady was not comfortable with her reality. In fact, brushing your hair too much can cause it to split. Brush gently to distribute your natural oils throughout the shafts of your hair. Wet hair brushing

Myth. Never use a brush on wet hair using a comb alone. Truth. I beg you to make a difference. The Wet Brush is a dream come true of a person with tangible hair. You need to have one if you haven’t tried one. Yes, it’s called The Wet Brush, actually. You can buy them from your local salon or from your nearest Ulta. You can order them online if everything else fails. They’re amazing!

Myth of regular trimming

It will help your hair grow faster to get regular trims. Truth. The truth. If it was just that fast. Regular trims are extremely important to keep your locks healthy, but cutting them doesn’t make them grow faster. What it does is relieve the ugly split ends of your hair. Which takes us to the next split-end story.

Myth of the Split Ends

. It is possible to heal the broken ends. Truth. In the universe, there is no material that will fix your split ends. The only way forward is to cut them off. Once the hair is divided, it is split. The separated ends will either split or divide up to your scalp. This is one reason why daily trimming is necessary as described above. There are no packs of protein serum conditioners out there for sealing these babies. Go and cut them!

Conditioner and Oily Scalp

Theory. You should not use a conditioner if you have an oily scalp. Truth. It can be frustrating to have an oily scalp, but you still have to wash your hair. Use a shampoo for clarification and a light weight conditioner for detachment. Detanglers are intended to remain on top of the cuticula in order not to weigh down your hair.

Professional Hair Products Drugstore

Theory. Brand hair products from the drugstore are as good as professional products from the salon. Truth. I’m not going to try to sell something to my customers that they don’t need. For a fact, though, I know that most professional products are better than brands on the drugstore. So when I smell Pantene’s remnants rolling off their skin when I shampoo them with my Aquage Biomega Moisture, I feel the need to tell them why they need to buy what I use and prescribe. Advanced manufacturers are using materials of higher quality. You know you get what you’re paying for the old saying? For most things, this is true. You won’t buy a Forever dress and have it last as long as a Christian Dior is well tailored.

Myth of Dandruff

Dandruff means you’ve got a dry scalp. Truth. The truth. Dandruff is actually an oily scalp result. The snowflakes on your shoulders are caused by a form of yeast that grows in an oily environment called Malassezia. Dandruff may also be a symptom of contact dermatitis due to something that comes into contact with your skin that doesn’t agree with you. The Special Tea Tree shampoo from Paul Mitchell is perfect for treating dandruff. The anti-fungal properties of Tea Tree are known.

Coloring and Pregnancy

Theory. When you’re pregnant, you shouldn’t color your hair. Truth. The truth. That’s debatable. However, a tiny amount of color has been proven to get into your blood stream. You could choose a balayage at all times. That’s a technique of hair painting that doesn’t directly apply color to the scalp. Or you might ask for a permanent Semi color. There is no peroxide or ammonia in semi-permanent colors. In the end, consult your doctor for anything medical, and don’t do anything you don’t feel comfortable with.

Southern shampoo

Myth. The more suds you produce your shampoo as you bathe your locks, the truth will be the cleaner your locks. I’m going to be the first to say I enjoy the bubbles. If I see a whole mess of bubbles on the shower floor, I feel like my hair gets uber clean. That’s not real, sorry babes. Shampoos consist mainly of surfactants. These luscious bubbles and the ability to clean the hair are responsible for surfactants. Shampoos are as good as shampoos that do not contain as many suds. Those shampoos that are bubbleless are typically not the best sellers.


Theory. Using beer to rinse your hair will make it thicker and truth shinier. Um no, um no. Your hair is extremely dehydrated by the alcohol in the beer. Nevertheless, there is a protein in the beer that repairs the hair, the alcohol overpowers that. I’m sorry for guys and dolls.

Wet Hair Outside

Myth. With wet hair, walking outside will make you sick. Truth. Colds are a virus that causes them. You might feel chilly when you have a wet head, but that’s about it. So when your mom yells at you, saying you’re going to get sick with a wet head! Just entertain her;)

Shampoo Switch

Myth. Switching shampoos is good for your hair all that often. Truth. This is not true of false either. If your hair feels flat, you’ll probably just need to clarify it to remove any styling products that build up. If you’ve been using the same shampoo for a year and keep using it, your hair feels good. Trying out new things is always enjoyable, but this isn’t a need for your body.

Myth of Curly / Right Hair Cut

In the same way as straight hair, curly hair can be cut. Truth. That’s definitely wrong. If you’re a curly hairy baby that embraces the curly q’d perfection coils, don’t let your stylist straighten your hair to cut it. Straightening curly hair to cut it can cause too much cutting or cutting your stylist into your curl pattern. As my fellow stylist and friend Vincenzo Jonluca Lauretta says taking too much away from the natural form into the curl design, making it more square and curly hate square hair women.

Grey Hair Pulling Out

Theory. Removing a gray hair will lead to two more in Truth. This one I love! There won’t be two more coming in. Just like waxing your brows or moustache, it’s going to grow thicker than true. It can actually cause scarring and bald spots to take out gray hairs so you just leave those gross hairs alone.

Myth of thinning hair

Thinning hair or hair loss occurs only in the Truth of older women. There are several factors that cause hair loss and thinning. Hormones hormones hormones are hormones! I lost postpartum hair clumps for months. My hormones have been like that out of whack. The loss of hair can also be inherited. This represents about 95 percent of both men and women’s hair loss. Even if you’re not hormonal and you don’t have the hair loss gene, you can still experience thinning and hair loss due to over-processing your hair with chemicals and coloring or wearing your hair in tight braids or ponytails. You’ve got it with my family. We’ve heard and been told the old wives tales of our entire lives and the truth behind them. Some of these you may have heard before, but I trust you’ve been able to take at least one tidbit of new information;) Beauties until next time. I’m going to apply my cream of cellulite that doesn’t work in a miracle’s hopes. Feel free to use your blog’s infographic or share it with your social networking friends! (Copy code below) Beau Bollinger’s Individualized Hair Cutting Guide Plump Hair Colors Inspired by Crystals I Grew My Hair Long Using these products from Amazon Haircut Terms for Better Communication with Your Stylist The Ultimate Hair Care Guide for Unicorns and Mermaids Hair Cuts and Styles Stay Connected Whatever your type of hair, we can help you find the right hairstyles © Copyright 2019
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