Hacker Puts Another batch of 26 million Dark Web Accounts

Hacker Puts Another batch of 26 million Dark Web AccountsGnosticplayers put the fourth batch up for sale on the dark web with 26 million accounts originating from six data breaches. Each account credentials sub-batch on the website is sold at around $5000 and the hacker claims the victims are unaware of any breach. Users of the affected websites are advised to change their passwords and immediately trigger 2Fa. The hacker who goes by the name “Gnosticplayers” has returned for a new round of selling account credentials to ordinary infamous dark web marketplaces (like Dream Market). This time the batch includes the specifics of 26 million accounts arising from the violation of six websites that did not specify whether or not they were subject to a security infringement in their systems. That said, users who had compromised their accounts might have already received a warning message (notice of breach) in the previous months resulting in their password and other login details being updated or may not have heard the sad news so far. .335 This is the fourth batch put up for sale by Gnosticplayers on the dark web with the previous sale in February and covering 93 million user records from eight data breaches. The six violations that make up this new batch are as follows: Youthmanual – 1.12 million GameSalad accounts – 1.5 million Bukalapak accounts – 13 million Lifebear accounts – 3.86 million Coubic accounts – 1.5 million accounts Each of these accounts were sold for 1.2431 Bitcoin which is equal to around $5000. Some of the above websites are online marketplaces, while others are forums for scheduling and learning, so there is a combination of personal information and payment information, so malicious actors may choose individually what they want. If you have created an account on one of the above-mentioned websites, it is recommended that you change your password immediately and allow two-factor authentication if available, while those who like to use the same password across multiple platforms need to change it on all otherwise they will risk falling victim to credential stuffing attacks. According to “The Hacker News,” which claims to have communication with Gnosticplayers this fourth batch will be the last one from this hacker for the time being. According to the same sources, the hacker claims that the six websites impacted by this account sale probably haven’t even known they’ve been hacked in the past, but this may be just a false claim that lets the hacker raise the value of the material being sold.