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Is the 2019 Oscar’s ‘ Avengers ‘ Cast Host?Abeni Tinubu More Articles The tea around the Jaclyn Hill lipstick drama pipes hot for weeks and shows no signs of cooling down. Though Hill has promised refunds to every person who believes that the products are safe to use. Now new information has emerged that indicates that Hill may have suspected that her lipsticks had been tainted before revealing them. 5/5.1023 5/5.1023 Figure 1 Jaclyn Hill Photo by Desiree Navarro / WireImage

Marlena Stell Just when you thought that things couldn’t get any more dramatic … enter Marlena Stell CEO of Makeup Geek. Stell took to her YouTube page on Tuesday to share a whopping one hour and 36 minute video about the beauty industry drama. Calling her video Dear Influencers Stell took the time to share her reality and shed some much needed light on the uproar over the Jaclyn Cosmetics lipstick. Stell began by outlining her relationship with Hill that seemed to be a rocky one as Hill flaked on a couple of possible business partners. But this was just the iceberg tip.

Typical sound?

Stell went on to say that she has insider information about the laboratory where Hill used to make her makeup. It was, obviously, a laboratory that Stell had used in the past and had a ton of problems with. “They’d have plastic fragments in them. They had fingerprints; they had hairs in them; they had black specs in them, “is it familiar to them? Those were the concealers I had on June 6, 2016 with this lab” Stell insisted. Such problems clearly reflected ones that consumers of Jaclyn Cosmetics had complained about. A note

But there was no stoppage to the drama. Stell maintains that she directly warned Hill about the problems she had with the laboratory back in 2016, and that Hill nevertheless chose to continue her relationship with the laboratory. Stell insists that on the very same day she was experiencing problems herself, she and Hill actually ran into one another at the study. Although Stell had gone out of her way to scare Hill away from the laboratory. “Don’t work in this lab because I just had shi*ty issues with them,” she said to Hill, Stell claimes.

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