Grew Hair Long

No matter what your hair type is.

by Samantha AnnatoneI had trouble growing my hair after I cut it off as a teenager on May 2019. Now I’m a walking billboard for all the cool labels that I introduced a couple of years ago into my routine. These are just my lucky findings that have not been sponsored and reviewed honestly. Plus all the products are available on Amazon in just a few clicks to order them.

I love and repurchase beauty products

The number one thing people ask me when I tell them that I am a hairstylist is How can I easily get pretty hair? The answer is good hair. Luckily we now have social media and it makes it much easier to try to find new brands, but at least after this article you can finish your hair care quest. Here’s all you need to set up your hair for a good day of hair and help your mane to be healthy and bouncy.

GHD Smart Tools

Their brand name is Good Hair Day and they’re not lying. All GHD tools are like having smart hair tools. GHD Air Dryer doesn’t just dry your hair super fast; it uses advanced technology to lock in moisture for shiny less frizzy results. It’s super easy to wave and curl your hair with the curved edges with their platinum plus flat iron. Essentially, the heat is monitored 250 times per second to analyze the thickness of your hair and heat accordingly.

My Kitsch Satin Scrunchies

Remove all the hair ties you’ve known for so long and substitute them with the Kitsch ones! You can always rock a scrunchie, I don’t care how old you are. Because of regular material on hair ties, wearing your hair all the time can cause damage by being tugged and pulled and even being prone to snapping. Now they’re smooth with silk scrunchies so you’re not going to get a spot in your skin. Sleep in a low ponytail with your hair gathered with a Poof silk scrunchie! No loss and in the morning you don’t have to re-style!

OLLY Undeniable Rubber Beauty

OLLY gummies taste so delicious; after dinner at night I still eat them. I don’t forget to take them because they kill the cravings for my dessert. It is the all-in – one beauty gummy of Keratin Biotin vitamin C and E for hair skin and nails. It can be life-changing to take daily multivitamins and I recommend that you find the ones that work for you. I like to taste good for myself!

TRESemmé Instant Recovery Mask

Needs a masking day for all. This Tresemme Instant Recovery Mask I’m obsessed with. Now they’re doing it in packets so it’s portable to travel and you’re not using too much of the product! I like using this at least once a week. A few ways of integrating masking-and-go into your regular look consider braiding it in or tossing your hair into a bun. It’s always fun to keep it in for the gym; warmth helps trigger the material and you smell good.

Color Wow Products

In my haircare routine, this brand was the holy grail. There are no unnecessary ingredients in their shampoo and conditioner that cause buildup in your hair and scalp to make your hair super clean and bright. For everyone, the washing cycle is different, but this is a gentle light line that works on almost everybody. I shampoo my hair twice to make sure that I pinch and apply the conditioner from mid-shaft to ends covered all areas of rinse. I usually make coffee and make my hair as my hair turban soaks up most of the water and when I’m ready to blow dry I douse my hair from roots to ends with the Color Wow Dream Coat or if I dry my hair I put Dream Coat Curly in my hair. Works as a dream not meant to be a joke.

Aquis Microfibre Hair Turban

Having a hook on one end and a button on the other, this Aquis hair turban makes it so easy to keep grinding going. In the meantime, your hair is out of the way and drying is great because I’m sure I’m not the only one in the morning going a mile a minute. I’m the most successful in the morning, so these time-saving tricks are worth the extra money to get the goods on this list. That’s not the only advantage either; it’s the perfect way to dry your hair because it’s too rough towels! 330.jpg” />

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Hollywood Silk Solution Pillowcase

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase would change your life literally for me! It reduces the amount of time you need to get ready with frizz-free and creaseless hair in the morning when you wake up. If there’s a night with my hair wet that I have to go to sleep, the silk pillowcase will really boost my curl style! It also stops the head from getting fine lines and wrinkles. Do I have to say more?

Wet Brush

The hair is the most vulnerable when wet, so be cautious. The ventilation on The Epic Rapid Dry Brush is fantastic, helping to speed the dry time. It works with all hair types. It also embraces your scalp, making the brushing experience more comfortable with its curved shape. ‘

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