Tumblr Finds its way back to the App Store after ult content has been removedFull names shipping addresses email addresses order background phone numbers and hashed salted user account passwords. Customer payment cards last four digits. The final four digits of the Dashers and merchants bank account numbers. The driver’s license reaches 100,000 Dashers. As DoorDash clarifies the Cvv codes have not been accessed while the exposed banking and payment card data is not sufficient to allow the actors to conduct fraudulent withdrawals or charges. But not all of the above concerns every one of the 4.9 million exposed users. Eventually DoorDash clarifies that those who entered the platform after April 5, 2018 are not affected by this incident so they can disregard this news and move on absolutely. From now on you regularly track your card activity and check your bank accounts for any unusual activity. If you see anything unusual or unforeseen immediately report it to your financial institution and card issuer. Given the time period of nearly five months that the intruders had at their hands, they may have already manipulated you. While DoorDash begins its announcement with the classic “We take our community’s security very seriously,” the time taken to discover and react to this breach does not in any way reflect this expression.

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