Golden red brown hair

Brown Mix

Golden and reddish brown hair colors look perfect when mixed.

Brown shadow

Your brown shadow looks even more amazing if you add some charm by coloring the very ends of the top. Its a very original approach and will certainly make a wonderful impression.

Red and fun

Give extra oomph to your reddish brown hair by making subtle brunette highlights. You dont have to make many just one or two to change your image.

Bangs are all

Golden brown hair color looks amazing blonde pair. So if youre heading for a golden brown shadow on top and blonde on the bottom, dont forget to dye your blonde bangs too.

Honey blonde</h2

Multi – purpose hair color

This will make the soft contrast more apparent.

Right approach</h2

Golden brown natural hair color

If your natural color is golden brown but you have decided not to worry about turning blonde! You can skip your hairstylist appointment and allow a fresh and special image to grow the golden roots.

Platinum blonde with oomph

Being aplatinum blondeis beautiful but keeping the color fresh is a bit complicated. Thats why its always a great idea to put some golden brown into the mix and the result will blow you away.

Dont make any changes suddenly. Its not the best idea to bleach your locks. Instead, try to add some golden brown.

Sweet transition</h2

Coloring on one side of your bob one color and on the other side another color is considered to be very stylish. Choose golden brown hair color for at least one side.

Reddish brown highlights

Thanks to a new hue, youll love the way your image will change instantly.

Golden brown shade never gets tired so you can enjoy it all year round. With any extra effort, your hair will always look natural and beautiful.

Fashionable bob</h2

If youve decided to go blond, youll need to consider the roots. The brown colors are much easier to maintain, and in just weeks they dont need to touch up more often than once.

Long and golden

Golden brown ends

Golden brown hair looks very close to blonde so you have to be very careful about the grown roots. If youre not ready for monthly maintenance, consider coloring the ends golden brown and the top color darker.

Golden Brown Goldilocks

Was Goldilocks blonde? Are you certain? The name says the other way around. Not choosing between blonde hues is a simple way to achieve golden hair. The secret is the golden brown.

Right Weave

If your brown locks are not as long as you would like them to be weaving. In one stone, you may kill two birds as you will have a longer mane and a shadow to match.

If your hair is already really dark, dont hurry for a blond shade. Start with a golden brown hair color and youll be surprised at how much it suits you. Women with dark skin will make it their favorite color.

If you want to add brown coloring to your bleached blond hair, you may have trouble getting the blond hair. You may need a couple of dyeing sessions.

Reddish brown surprise

Paint the brown hair with reddish brown hair. That color will bring some light and mystery to your face if your locks are naturally black.

Partial highlights

Partial highlights are an excellent way to try a new hair color. So if you think youre going to be golden brown, you can start with a few strands. You may no longer need it.

The main advantage of brown hair is the abundance of shades to play with. The richer the paint, the more powerful the presentation of your hairstyle. Dont worry about mixing and matching.

Patch dyeing

The patch dyeing method is the same as partial focus. In the middle of your mane while leaving the top and the bottom dark brown, you can make a horizontal golden brown patch.

Become a redhead</h2

Amazing shadow

Girls with brown hair have a great option to experiment with shadow shades. Start with golden brown and, if you wish, go lighter. With brown, you just cant go wrong.

The combination of golden brown huesandreddish brown hair will make a total redhead out of you. Just make sure your stylist knows what hes doing.

Golden brown and honey blond hair colors may seem similar to each other when adding them to dark hair. Use a more natural color instead of trying to become a honey blonde.

Sun-kissed blonde

If you get sick of your golden brown hair, your next move may be a sun-kissed blonde. Golden brown hair color transforms only one dyeing session beautifully into blond.

Pot of gold</h2

Sometimes the smartest way to go about your brown locks is to leave them brown. If your color is bright and rich you might just ruin it by adding different shades of brown.

Color asymmetry

Consider one side darker than the other of your asymmetric bob and enjoy the result.

Soft transition

Selecting the brown shade nearest to your own is a great way to make a soft color transition. Dont rush to make a complete makeover of the paint. You may want to see what is going to look like a similar color. Let it be

Redish hue

Only a real maestro can add a subtle reddish hue to change your image completely while keeping the color natural. Ask the hairstylist to try it. Very mind-blowing can be the result.

If youre ready to forget about your golden brown hair color, consider getting blond hair extensions. Youll get a good idea of what youre going to look like as a blonde.

Bleached blonde</h2

Hair extensions</h2

A touch of red

Do not be afraid to experiment with reddish brown hair color when the locks are naturally black. Its really going to look like a great addition to your normal locks. Start and go up with the ends.

Reddish brown hair color

This color is really beautiful and can easily be obtained if your hair is naturally black. Use this shade in your life at least once and you will never regret it. Enjoy these wonderful ways to go about the colors of golden and reddish brown hair. Green comes in a variety of colors. Try one of them, at least, and enjoy the new you!