Gifts for tattoo artists

Bearded Inked and Awesome Shirt

Do you discover irresistible tattooed people and bearded men? Well, if there’s one who’s got a lot of both, they’ll have to drive you nuts.

Let him understand how great one of these is to discover him!

Abstract canvas

They are artists, like all other painters out there, and they would certainly enjoy art. With one of those abstract canvas parts, you can add loads of attraction to their decoration. More importantly, for any room, it is a notable declaration piece.

City Skyline Bookends

Another option to appeal to the creative side of your recipient. These cool bookends are as artistic as they might ever have been.

They capture different skylines in the town and are an excellent way to style in their room any bookshelf.


Carabiners image095.jpg, you know? Everyone needs a few, and if they’re customized, all the better. These carabiners are laser-graved (< em > not</em > printed, so they’re never going to come off!) and can be tailored anyway. A really creative donation concept in your life for the tattoo artist.


Whoever does any kind of job requires coffee, and tattoo artists are no exception. That’s what makes the BEST this custom tumbler. GIFT. ALWAYS.

The bonus perk of insulated tumblers is that your drink will remain hot / cold for hours on end when you’re artsy and distracted. A excellent way to celebrate the best tattoo artist of all time!!

Custom Street Sign

A donation for a tattoo artist who takes into account their creative side will surely be a victory. Get him or her for their decoration a custom road sign and they’ll be eternally grateful.

Not only is it a excellent way to show off their hobby, but it is also a perfect extension of their artsy nature.

D Tattoo Gun Keychain

This is as near as you ever get to the true thing. Better yet, it comes with a custom message to appeal and make them all sentimental to that unique individual.

More importantly, it plays a functional and aesthetic function, making it the greatest gift ever!

F Paperweight Bomb

When it comes to distinctive donation thoughts, you can never go wrong with the F-bomb paperweight. Let’s face it, they’re among the world’s most liberal individuals.

But that doesn’t imply they’re going everywhere dropping f-bombs. Here’s the ideal outlet for their room and a funny centerpiece.

Fairy Maiden Tattooed Wall Decor

Your tattoo artist’s greatest thanks should be one that mixes the stuff they enjoy most.

You get plenty of that on this piece and much more. It is a masterpiece combining body and wall art that would add tons of attraction to any decoration.


Okay, get some ink done! For both of you it’s kind of a gift. You pay for the job, get the tat you always wanted, then make sure you leave a wonderful overview of your internet company profiles (Google company profile, Facebook, your website, etc.).

Heavy Duty Design Apronw/ Straps and Pockets

Certainly, they may love to get all their fingers inked, but definitely not their clothes. This is a definite winner if you’re thinking about having a functional donation.

It’s the ultimate decision made from high-quality fabric and with a customization option.

Herbal Tattoo Ink Balm

A practical gift linked to their passion? To demonstrate them how much you’re thinking about them, nothing like a healing salve!

The next time they get inked, they can use it because they can never get enough ink.

I make People Bleed Hoodie

A fantastic addition to their closet, this is a hoodie that will earn her heart a place.

After all, who wouldn’t like a donation that continues to give in humorous doses? And let’s tell the truth, she likely loves all her job.

I Make People Bleed Unisex Shirt

Try to figure out how to thank your tattoo artist and keep things unique while they’re there?

Consider getting her a hilarious tee which is likely to express her favourite aspect of the work. You can be sure that this will put on her face a continuous smile.

Inked & Employed Unisex Hoodie

Give everyone who thinks you can’t be inked and employed the chance to make a declaration. The inked society does not discriminate against any profession on the planet.

With this hoodie on, they can rein in bold and clear text on the stereotype while revealing excellent flavour.

Inked and Awesome Shirt

Showcase with one of these cool tees her love for art and excellent style.

She definitely takes pride in what she is doing and would enjoy a chance to show it off. It’s the kind of gift that every day she might want to wear.

Just One More Tattoo I Promise Hoodie


Well, I’m not a tattoo artist, but this light box is super cool. It would be a excellent instrument for tattoo painters to be able to work on concepts for tattoo sketching and it would be ultra thin and portable.

Only the Most Strong Women Become Tattoo Artists Coffee Mug

Tattooing may have once been a man’s world, but no longer. This is the ideal token of recognition for that unique lady who is doing your inks right.

And, if only for show off, you can be sure it’s one they’re going to hold dear.

Custom Tattoo Artist Shop Sign

Give one of these notable signs to his man’s cave or store a significant facelift. As part of their decor, every fan would love to have this.

That way, when they look up the wall, it’s the first thing they see and it heats up their heart.

Custom Wooden Docking Station

Help him to organize his room with one of these. He may have the inking gift, but may need some assistance to keep stuff in place. And that also looks good!

PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer

Do you feel you don’t understand your recipient sufficiently well to choose a private donation? Not everything is lost.

With this phone sanitizer, you can’t go wrong. Everyone could use a lot less germs after all, right?


I assume that most individuals enjoy art sets, but tattoo artists in particular.
With this compact art kit they can bring anywhere and whip out at a moment’s notice, sketching tattoo designs are made simple.

Puebco Vintage Equipment Box

You can never go wrong with this box if he likes to do his work on the go or if he loves to maintain his equipment organized.

It is a piece of high quality that uses renovated fabric every moment for a distinctive look.

Skull Bead Bracelet

For a tattoo artist a bohemian bracelet would be a wonderful gift. More so if the focus is on having a skull!

With lapis lazuli gemstones in various colors, your recipient will surely be thrilled.


This floral skull pen holder is pretty darn cute, making a wonderful gift to a tattoo artist. However, let’s be frank, nearly anyone can use a pen holder. Pens are in the habit of vanishing.

Tattoo Artist Canvas Abstraction Print

Are you looking for a tattoo housewarming gift in your lives? How about printing a canvas abstraction to make their room brighter?

Not just any piece, but one that captures what they enjoy most about the essence!


Who is not fond of an artsy t-shirt? Well, this tattoo art t-shirt is the perfect way in your lives to celebrate the tattoo artist.


Your skin is my canvas. And we’re talking about tattoos here, people, before you get all freaky with the Lambs ‘ Silence ideas! PopSockets phone holders are the recent craze, and a wonderful donation concept for the artist in your lives is this phone holder for tattoo artists.

Tattoo Artists Custom Portrait “

as Yellow Cartoon Character

One of the finest donation concepts from tattoo artists is an art work. They spend their days showing people art works. Giving them one back will certainly illuminate their faces.

It will also offer them reason to cheer up when they feel down, given the humorous element of this piece.

Tattoo Artists Inked and Awesome Mug

Often ink is on almost every inch of their skin. Here’s the ideal icon for celebrating their love for what they’re doing.

It doesn’t hurt a bit that while enjoying a cup of coffee they can show off their enthusiasm.


The Tattoo Coloring Book will offer every tattoo artist hours of relaxing and creative fun. Includes skulls, angels, eagles, Dead Day, mandalas, flowers, and much more.

Tattoo Needle Key Ring

Is tattoos living, breathing and sleeping? Well then, you could get him a donation that brings his art love to the next level.

This is the kind of keyring that everyone would love to have and demonstrate off on the job.


This light-up tattoo parlor arrow sign is your friend’s shop’s ideal throwback decoration. Double-sided with bulbs in the marquee style, here’s another gift of tattoo artists they’ll always remember and treasure.

Tattooing Is My Cardio Shirt

Think about how long your tattoo artist will feel the impact.

A gift like this one that makes her smile has the ability to be timeless. And it’s the ideal tribute if tattooing is all she does.

Tattoo Parking Sign

Wouldn’t you agree that tattoo players look great without a word? Well, make sure that no one ever again steps on the toes by parking on their place.

For anyone who misses everything else, the picture drives the point home.

Tattoo Travel Coffee Cup

Is their cup of coffee appreciated above all else? Well then, in the ideal package, offer them what they want.

This mug not only keeps the drink piping hot for hours. But it makes a declaration about it for a while.

Only Hurt A Bit Tattooist T Shirt

How about catching a stylish tee’s favourite line? This is one idea from ear to ear that will make them grin.

It could also get customers to stop wondering the obvious when they too well understand the reality.

Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

Not all tattoo artists ‘ gifts have to be directly linked to their work.

But who wouldn’t love to use the correct combination of essential oils to spread their room? There’s no heat or burning with this ultrasonic tech piece.

Urban Map Glass

If he has pursued his dream career away from home, here’s a donation to maintain his home disease under control.

Let’s face it, everybody (mostly) loves their home city. Does the familiar streets have a better place to remember than in their favourite watering hole?


This Vintage Tattoo Artist Plaque would be a excellent complement to any tattoo parlor. You can customize the hanging name tag for your tattoo artist buddy, making it a stylish gift.

Vintage Tattoo Patent Drawing Belt Buckle

The recipient would definitely enjoy the chance to celebrate his profession’s history.

He receives a timeless declaration piece, complete of style and character, with this functional donation for a tattoo artist.


This collection of vintage style prints would be a fantastic gift to a tattoo artist. They feature ancient electric and stencil pens patent drawings and look really cool!


Well, I’m not a tattoo artist, but I’m talking about the pleasure of being artistic while listening to your jams. I’ve got a couple of bluetooth headphones and they’re incredible. You can go wandering, exercising, drawing, anything, and never worry about carrying irritating cords.

World’s Best Tattoo Artist Shirt

Sometimes the best way to let someone know you enjoy it is to say it loudly.

One of those stylish t-shirts is the loudest way to tell it. It tells everything that requires to be said in its simplicity, and then some.

Yoda Best Tattoo Artist Mug

This is the perfect donation concept for a tattoo artist who loves Star Wars as well. I mean, who can’t discover cute and irresistible presents from Yoda?

And this is the kind of gift that will continue to give in the form of coffee for all eternity, no less.