Fresh and New Hair Trends for Autumn / Winter 2018’2019′

The new season is coming and it is always time for change and new experience. In fall / winter 2018-2019, hairstyle combinations satisfy us with their variety. So experiment lovers will be satisfied with in fashion there will be bold colors and shapes. In addition, there is something universal yet trendy for everyone this season, slight negligence and the return of one forgotten detail from the past. ‘

‘Best Hair Trends of Autumn / Winter 2018’2019 for Those Who Long for Changes’

‘ Millions of stylists and designers strive to create a vivid look with the help of extraordinary solutions every year. Let’s review the most fashionable haircuts of the 2018-2019 autumn / winter season and address main hairstyling trends!

I’m waking up like this!

This autumn and winter, Messy shaggy cuts with curtain bangs will be huge! It will also be an excellent choice for them to be easy ombre / balayage technique.

Claw Clips The nineties are back!

In the early 2000s, women whose youth collapsed in the late 80’s and mid-90’s were sure that high-waist denim multi-colored plastic bracelets and bright cotton overalls would never return to fashion. Okay, they’ve been wrong. Recently, in partnership with the Alexander Wang company, the renowned hairstylist Guido Palau resurrected the style for hair crab claws. Both hairstyles were made with the help of these accessories at the display of the Alexander Wang autumn / winter 20182019 line. You can buy a claw clip now, or find one at home (for example, on the shelf in your bathroom) and become a real fashionista yourself.

Party Wigs Nobody has ever been killed!

It’s not that I encourage you to wear a wig (although it’s warm and comfortable in the cold season …… just kidding) but some choices will definitely help you build an insane look, particularly if you don’t want to alter your hair color drastically. For a disco or costume party, you can also try this hair trend.

Rapunzel Is That You Natural-Looking Extensions? Hallelujah!

Girls who have very thin hair or those who can’t wait to grow it can eventually and shamelessly resort to hair extensions, according to beauty experts. Depending on your hair type and how long you want to wear them, they can be clip-in micro-bead sew-in tape-in or fusion extensions. Follow all the instructions and tips that your stylist will give you to keep your new hair looking good to wash it with special hair extension shampoos, make sure you use a special conditioner and do not overdry it with a hairdryer, of course.

Auburn Shades Take with you Summer!

The popularity of hot hair shades rises when the weather gets colder. Auburn copper honey caramel and cinnamon hair tones evoke warm sun and summer season connections and fun memories. For waves and curly hair, these colors look fantastic in tandem with layered haircuts. The mixture of darker and lighter shades always looks great and really trendy with the central auburn undertone. jpg” />

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DNA Braid Mind your lessons in genetics!

For several seasons, braids have not gone out of fashion, but their weaving techniques are becoming increasingly sophisticated. So now DNA braids (viral braids) are gaining popularity and have become one of fall / winter 20182019’s hottest trends. Making them much easier than at first glance it might seem. The hair is first divided into three sections. Then place thin strands cross-sectionally from right and left parts and twist them around the central section. Such a hair> rainbow hair and hair with highlights matching the strength of colors.

Chocolate Brown Natural Is the New Black!

Dark chocolate is one of the most trendy hair colors of the forthcoming fall and winter season. Auburn or amber strands are also welcome to give the hair beautiful highlights.

Middle Part This is a simple genius!

Fashion’s fight for naturalness and minimalism continues. A big bouffant and preferably curled locks are replaced by middle parting again. The middle-part hairstyle looks elegant and sophisticated in spite of all its simplicity, giving the look a touch of glamorous neglect. Until mastering a new trend, however, determine your face shape, the middle part looks good on round and oval faces, but it will not match triangular or diamond faces unless you wear bangs or a layered haircut with strands falling on your eyes.

Proudly wear gray locks!

Women were always afraid of this hair color although it was considered vivid and rare as a symbol of fading beauty and youth. Well, you can stop dying your hair in autumn / winter 2018’2019 and accept your natural silver color because it’s fabulous, elegant and trendy! One important note of gray hues on younger girls is not trendy this season (as we reported in the non-so-fresh trends article) while natural gray is as warm as ever.

A new hairstyle is said to signify a new life. If so, this fall and winter, you can start your life again every Monday. Braid it with flashy tones on your hair or cut it off and start wearing bangs just as you’ve always wanted, but you weren’t sure. So note the upcoming season’s patterns are promoting inconstancy and an open mind! Image featured via Instagram Similar Hair Tinsel Is the Trendy Way to Make You Shine Hair Color Trends For Fall and Winter New Hair Accessory Trends You Want to Adopt Metallic Hair Color The Most Magnetic Trend Ever! Holographic beauty The Rainbow Best Greek Beauty Hair Cuts and Patterns Stay Connected Get inspiration from the art of self-expression. Regardless of your hair type, we will help you find the right hairstyles The Right Hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu HomeLengthShort