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Fred Durst Net Worth 2020 Imo Nyong Career and Awards January 16, 2020 Celebrity Profile Fred Durst Net Worth 2020 Career and Awards. Net Worth 2020 – Fred Durst is an all-round music genius, and a rapper singer songwriter record producer. He is best known as the frontman of Limp Bizkit, a rap-rock band which was founded back in 1994.

In its more than two decades of career, the band released at least 6 studio albums and their outstanding efforts won them several Grammy nominations. Bio

Durst was born 20 August 1970 as William Frederick Durst in Gastonia North Carolina. He was born to Robert and Anita Durst, his wife. He grew up in Jacksonville Florida all through his childhood years. He developed an interest in breakdancing hip hop punk rock and heavy metal as a boy. Fred is of American citizenship. Therefore, no specifics of his ethnic background are currently available. His mother works in a church and his dad is a retired policeman.


Durst originally worked as a tattoo artist and landscaper. He later jammed with Malachi Sage bassist Sam Rivers and cousin John Otto from Rivers in 1994, and recorded three albums. Durst received the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival Jury Award for his role in Charlie Banks Education. He also won the nomination for the MTV TRL Award. In addition Durst has also earned three nominations for the Grammy Award.

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