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But the opposite is the case with Frank Fritz, a veteran antique dealer and restoreur, who left his job as a fire inspector and went into the ancient period.

Now he’s racked up a $4 million net mammoth. For one year alone he earns half a million as a salary.

Frank Fritz

TV star and celebrity Frank Fritz was born on 11 October 1965. Frank is American by descent but is caucasian by race. He and his sister, who is some years older than him, were brought up in Ohio. Frank has a Christian upbringing and he is considered to be sociable and even-tempered. He completed his high school at a local school, but refused to go to college later, for reasons best known to him, instead he started collecting unique antiquated objects that might have significance to a place people tribe or historical period. Just like a modern-day archeologist Frank was interested in antiquities, but the only difference is that he doesn’t have to dig to find his own treasures, but he collects them from various places.

Frank Fritz Career


Because Frank is discreet about his love life details, many people have come to the conclusion that he must be gay, but this is just an assumption that has not been verified. The media have succeeded in misleading us with Frank’s pictures with various women over the years, but who can say if he is involved with them in a romantic way or not?