Francisco Madero – Biography of Francisco Madero

Francisco Ignacio Madero González He was born in Parras, Coahuila, Mexico on October 30, 1873. Son of Francisco Madero Hernández and Mercedes González Treviño, he studied agriculture in Maryland, studied Business Administration in Paris and at the University of California at Berkeley. After finishing his studies, he returned to Mexico to marry Sara Pérez and have contact with the Organizing Board of the Mexican Liberal Party that financially supports the resumption of the edition of the newspaper Regeneración. Founds the National Anti-reelectionist Party and competes with President Porfirio Díaz.

He is elected as a candidate by his own party and is imprisoned in San Luis Potosí for rebellion and outrage to the authorities. He escapes to the United States and enacts the Plan of San Luis; call to arms that provokes the civil war lasting ten years. He is elected president, taking office on November 6. He heads a democratic government that does not care about the lower classes, which provokes uprisings like that of Emilio Zapata. Madero, to avoid such confrontations, chooses General Victoriano Huerta, who with great effort manages to defeat the uprising. Orozco is defeated by Huera and flees to the USA but little later, a plot of Manuel Mondragon Y Felix Diaz free Bernardo Reyes from the Tlatelolco Prison and joining troops he attacks the National Palace but Lauro Villar’s men stop the attack and assassinate Reyes.

Madero appoints Huerta as the new military chief, but Henry Lane Wilson, the American ambassador to Mexico, decides to organize a pact with Díaz and Mondragón, unleashing the Tragic Ten. An armistice is signed with Díaz, Lane Wilson and Mondragón. The president’s brother and adviser, Gustavo A. Madero is arrested and tortured to death, for which Madero is forced to sign his resignation from his positions. Pedro Lascuráin leaves as executive of the power and appoints Huerta as Secretary of the Interior. After 45 minutes in office, he resigned and Victoriano Huerta became president. Madero and José María Pino Suárez are murdered in the Palace of Lecumberri in Mexico City on February 22, 1913 despite the fact that their opponents promised not to do so.