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ByNitish Singh-July 24, 2018.854 Figure 1 Photo Courtesy of PlusPng eBay moves away from its PayPal-reliant payment system and declares its alliance for payments with Apple Pay. Apple Pay is one of the first options available off the card-based payment methods on the new eBay payment platform. Although PayPal is one of the world’s most secure payment services, its high processing fees can be a little too steep on platforms like eBay for online shoppers and businessmen alike. The e-commerce giant is slowly moving to a new payment model which will include a large number of payment methods and Apple is one of the first companies to partner with the online shopping site. Svp of Payments at eBaySteve Fisher revealed “Apple Pay is one of the most omnipresent forms of payments and provides users with an easy way to pay quickly and securely. Offering Apple Pay as a form of payment on eBay is the first step in giving our tens of millions of customers more choice and versatility in payment options. “Earlier this year, the shopping site unveiled an automated payment system created by Amsterdam-based company Ayden. The new payment network is only a back-end solution but it does have the ability to offer alternatives to PayPal without allowing users to log in to other payment services. Square’s financing service will also be partnering with the e-commerce company to offer its fast financing services. On the e-commerce platform, sellers can apply for loans ranging from $500 to $100,000 to finance their online stores and grow their business. The service will be limited only to US-based sellers. Apple Pay has now become one of the first approved payment options available on eBay. The site will no longer offer PayPal as a payment option once enough payment providers have been introduced to eBay. Since the inception of the shopping website, eBay and PayPal have been partners, but the two firms split in 2015 due to pressure from shareholders on discrepancies in strategic goals and the sudden increase in value of the e-commerce business.