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Netflix and Comcast Bundles Making Streaming Easier ByNitish Singh-April 15, 2018.293 Netflix and Comcast are offering bundles which could facilitate streaming. The video streaming service agreement with the cable giant will allow users to connect to both channels together. Comcast to announce multiple offers directly in cable packages which include Netflix subscriptions. Netflix’s popular video streaming service revealed this week its collaboration with cable giant Comcast which could make streaming much easier for consumers. Since 2016, the brands have partnered with the Netflix and Comcast partnership that allows users to subscribe to Netflix via cable on Comcast’s high-end X1 Tv service. .294 Figure 1 Photo Courtesy of Wharton Netflix and Comcast’s 2016 offer proved lucrative for both companies leading to the new partnership. Analysts say consumers not using Netflix in the Usa are more comfortable with the traditional Tv model. The new integration will allow access to Netflix for traditional cable customers who don’t use Comcast’s X1 service. Netflix is one of Comcast’s most common voice searches, as the X1 app lets users search and watch Netflix shows on the web just like any conventional channel. Comcast is expected to offer a range of services outside of the X1 plans, including Netflix rentals. The services will be made available to current as well as new clients. Comcast can manage billing for the Netflix services directly with a monthly billing period. Netflix’s global business development head Bill Holmes said “We can’t wait to bring more X1 subscribers to Netflix with Xfinity’s new bundled deals.” Comcast counterpart Sam Schwartz shares the opinion that “Netflix provides one of the most successful on-demand services and is an important addition to the X1 platform’s content and value proposition.” Is I just Cutting the Cord?

These days, many people go cord cutting without actually considering and reading what is currently known as the cord cutting checklist. Although canceling your cable and satellite subscription (i.e. cord cutting) is helpful, particularly if you want to save some money for your television entertainment, it is highly recommended that you consider every aspect of your television needs before eventually making the move. Interested in getting to know what these aspects are to be considered? We’ll have the chance to look together at the cord cutting checklist. Cord cutting has become a common cliché in the entertainment world for a little over a decade now and a horrible activity for providers of cable and satellite Tv. Since its inception millions of households in the U.S. have given up their cable and satellite TV subscription and joined streaming service providers. Statistics show that around a million more cable TV users have cut the cord in just the third quarter of this year. So if you’ve been considering switching from Tv subscription to other video entertainment options on cable TV you’re not alone in the cord-cutting contract. Just like you other men, you have one or the other justification to make the choice. Is Cord Cutting For You the right choice?

If you have any questions about cutting your cords or not, you may not have been exposed to swapping benefits yet. Maybe you should take a moment to reflect on what you can achieve if you start paying just a fraction of the very big satellite and cable bills that you are currently making. And if you want to do that it is important that you first go through the checklist for cord cutting. .296.296

Basically when you cut the cord you’d have a lot to save. Cable and satellite Tv services generally cost $100 a month on average. You can save up to 70 percent of that cost by cutting the cord. This number is a lot more when you’re calculating the total savings you will make at year-end. Such savings can of course be used to meet other needs.

Advantage # 2: Solvable Technical Problems

Advantage # 3: No s!

When you cut the cord between shows you would be spared from enticing and distracting advertisements. Commercials on on online streaming services can be monitored. You also don’t have to worry about missing live television shows and channels on the good quality streaming television services on cable television.

Eventually, in your Tv life, you can enjoy freedom and comfort. You choose which shows or channels you want, and wherever and however you want you can watch them. So is it a good option for you to cut cord? Sure it is. But it’s absolutely essential that you go through the process of cord cutting before eventually parting ways with your cable or satellite subscription.

And what’s on the checklist for cord cutting?

>If your Internet speed is lower than the criteria in your streaming you’d probably encounter buffering delays; and this can be very frustrating.

Item # 2: Hd Antenna

.298.298 An Hd antenna gives you access to local channel content, even without a cable, based on your location. Using a Hd antenna, you can view TV content from major channels such as Abc Cbs Fox Nbc Pbs and Cw for free. Depending on your location local channels are also open. You would see news of movies cartoons through these local channels and much more. Therefore, an Hd antenna is an important item in the cord checklist checklist. Before you do away with cable or satellite TV, this is one of the things you will consider going for. It is a great addition to any streaming online service you choose to subscribe to.

Item # 3: Streaming Media Player

Another very important component of the checklist for cord cutting – a streaming media player can come with a box or a stick. You can access streaming services online on your Tv. The unit is connected via Hdmi port to your Tv. Only think of a streaming device as a substitute for your cable box. Joyfully this has no rental fee and you’d enjoy more content compared to cable TV at a better video price. The market today includes many streaming devices. The choice you make will depend on your desires for entertainment and on your budget. Some of these apps are:

Amazon Fire Tv

Amazon Fire Tv$40$70. If you are an Amazon Prime member and you are playing games at the Amazon games store, it’s a good choice.

Another excellent Apple Tv streaming device player bears the highest price tag on the market for streaming devices. The most recent price ranges between $149 and $199.


Element # 4: On-Demand Streaming Services

.300.300 After going through the device / option selection hurdle, the streaming service provider should use one last thing to keep an eye on your cord cutting checklist. There are a good number of them today and it takes diligence to go through them all and adapt their services to your needs in order to make an appropriate choice. Asking what are these facilities, and how much do they cost? Let’s go through just a few quickly.

Netflix offers you access to a wide range of quality content, from film shows to stand-up comedy. They have original shows of their own (like House of Cards Stranger Things Orange is the New Black). Netflix is widely available, at a fixed subscription cost of $8 a month.

Amazon Prime Video

Cbs All Access

Everybody watches the Cbs network; whether it’s for hit shows like Ncis 2 Broke Girls and Criminal Minds or for excellent sporting events like Nfl College Football and more. When you subscribe to All Access Cbs, you’ll enjoy all the amazing content on Cbs. Its subscription costs $5.99 a month. This is filled with advertisements however. If you want to enjoy the service with the sometimes annoying commercials, the monthly fee goes up to $9.99. Another great option for cord cutters is

Hulu. In reality it is becoming slowly something that people don’t miss clicking on their checklist of cord cutters. One thing that makes the video streaming network special is its coverage of popular shows from current seasons. Other on-demand streaming video services only broadcast their shows in the past seasons so you’ll have to wait a while on those other networks before watching the new seasons. Hulu lets you watch current TV shows (with the exception of Cbs). Their underlying subscription plan is $7.99 a month. But if you hate the ads you should turn to the $11.99 monthly commercial-free package.

Final thoughts While millions of Americans turn off traditional television programming habits, many people are still wary about cutting their cords. Curiously, even cable TV providers are starting to provide cord-cutting services. They have certainly realized that cord cutting is the new best way of enjoying Tv content. If you have not realized that it is probably time to reflect on the topic for a moment yet. Cord cutting not only provides you with top quality television content at an affordable price but also helps you to customize your television experience. If you have any questions please feel free to post a comment using the comment section below. Also don’t forget to share this Social Media post. Thank you!