FernGully, the adventures of Zak and Crysta – Movie FernGully, the adventures of Zak and Crysta

FernGully is a magical and spectacular forest where Batty (Robin williams), a bat with broken radar, joins Crysta (Samantha mathis), Pips (Christian slater) and the Beetle boys to save your wonderful world from the wicked Hexxus (Tim curry).

Ignoring the warnings of her friends, the curious fairy Crysta, goes out to explore the outside world beyond Ferngully.

Then discover to Zak (Jonathan Ward), a human who is helping to devastate the forest.

But when Zak discover the beauty and magic of Ferngully, promises to save him.

However, it may be too late. The diabolical Hexxus is loose and determined to destroy everything Ferngully.