25 Fat Faces haircuts – Find the perfect one

There are many haircuts for fat faces guys, contrary to most people’s assumptions. And so this simply means your face shape shouldn’t limit the hairdo types you can wear. You can wear anything from a messy top to trendy Mohawk if you have a tall face, so you just need to choose what looks best on you. Nevertheless, you will also determine the type, volume and length of hair for you. The gallery below features 25 stylish models that can be tried by any man with a tall nose.

1 Curly Drop Fade

Such a stunning haircut will draw attention away from the shape of your face. It involves holding up some chunky curls and giving a lovely drop fade to the sides.

2 Blue

Some color also works for men with fat faces, especially those with large hair. In this style, the strands on the side swept top have a dazzling blue shade that creates an incredible contrast to the tapered sides and back.

3 Sided Wavy Top

A rough side line can turn any haircut into something beautiful. It’s not the only thing that makes this a top notch hairdo, though, because it also has some gorgeous waves on the crown and a nice taper fade on the arms.
4 Bald Head with Faded Beard

Going bald is also a choice if you have a tall face as it will help you avoid fancy haircut problems. And if you spice up the look with a fading beard, you’re going to look great.

5 Front Swept Messy Bangs with Skin Fade

You should leave a few long textured bangs on the crown and style to create this magnificent hairdo by sweeping them to the front and making the bangs messy. You should have a skin fade on the sides to complete the look.

6 Classy and Wavy Pump

This modern pompadour take is brilliant and includes leaving some voluminous wavy locks on the top, giving them a side section and tapering the strands below the dividing line. The motion and the great grip in this hair make it look very classy.

7 Sleek Blue Quiff

A quiff also works for a tall face, and you’ll look beautiful if you give it a magical blue shade like this one. You’ll also need a side part and a high fade on the sides to look elegant.

8 Curly Fade Out

If you know how to cut and style it, your natural curls can also give you a beautiful look. The curly strands also have a fabulous volume in this design, and you should style them to hang over the forehead with a forward sweep. And you just need to fade the sides to finish the feel.

9 Tapered and Wavy Thin Locks

This hair may be thin, but it looks very beautiful with a styling. This involves cutting the strands to a few inches and then tapering them on the sides to make them look really sleek, and by making them wavy you can finish the look.

10 Wavy Slick Back and Taper

For a modern man with a fat face, here is another stylish taper cut. You should taper the sides to create it and create a line up on the neck’s nape. The only other thing you need is by pushing them back to make the long strings on the crown wavy and stylish.

11 Short Faded Slick Back

The beautiful golden hue of this hair is hard to notice because it brightens the strands. The cut and style, however, are still the highlights of the headdress, with the exception that some smooth strings are left on the crown and the sides fad. You will finish the look by gently brushing the long locks back.

12 Spikes and Skin Fade

Spiky hair will look good on any man irrespective of the shape of his head. Those in this style have a beautiful upswept pattern, a mild tapering, and finish on the sides with a skin fade.

13 Chunky and Wavy Bangs

Source You will look good in any haircut if you have such a large and textured hair. A quick fade on the sides is enough to make you look amazing, leaving some wavy and chunky bangs on the top.

14 Low Faded Swirls

All you need to build this stunning hairdo is a smooth and mild trim because the swirly locks are already gorgeous enough. With a null fade on the eyes, you should then play up the look to create a disconnection with the facial hair.

15 Neat Afro Textured Hair with Smooth Fade

African Americans have a perfectly textured hair, making it the perfect design for them. This involves leaving on the crown some textured and tidy Afro-strands, making a side part and finishing on the sides with a smooth fade.

16 Side Swept Textured Bangs with undercuts

It’s also a perfect idea to keep some extra long bangs on the crown. On the sides, you can give them a faded undercut and then sweep the bangs over the undercut to match.

17 Smooth and Sleek Brush Back

This haircut is very classy, leaving a few inches on the crown and having a side part and skin fading on the edges. You should give a slight upsweep to the front of the longer top to finish the look and then smoothly sweep the strands to the back.

18 Fancy Faux Hawk

Nothing has to be complicated to produce a polished look because you can still keep things simple like this and look stylish. Just create a uniform fade on the sides here and leave some fancy bangs in the middle to create a fabulous false hawk design.

19 Messy Crop Cut

Crop cuts on fat faces always look fantastic, but you have to make them creative by leaving those messy short bangs on the crown and fading the sides.

20 Layered and upswept Voluminous Bangs

This style is perfect for a man with a naturally voluminous hair and you should leave some long bangs on the top, upsweep and layer before finishing with a taper on the sides.

21 Messy Top with Sharp Fade

Here’s another hairdo showing the amazing hair designs you can have. This involves leaving some textured bangs on the crown and making them messy (slightly) with a push back. On the sides, the sharp fade also helps complement the look.

22 Classic Tapered and Slicked Back Sides

Tapered hair could not look better than this and you can be sure of turning heads wherever you go. However, to make a lovely slicked back model, you still need to use a good product and use the natural component line.

23 Stylish Wavy Top Bangs

On the short sides of this haircut there is no shaping, and so all the beauty comes from the beautiful wavy bangs on the top. You should sweep the ones at the front to one side and the others to the other to make them look adorable.

24 Slicked and Faded Ginger Hair

Ginger is a lovely shade that gives a rich tone to this haircut. Also the cut is fine, and it involves tapering the sides and cutting back the crown’s strings.

25 Buzzed and Faded Perfection

For people with fat eyes, a military buzz cut will also fit, and the good thing about it is that it is easy to create and does not require maintenance. And if on the sides, as in this style, you also give it a high fade, then you’ll look magnificent.
For fat guys, there are unlimited haircuts, so you should never let your head shape or anything else stop you from getting a refined look. So if you’re looking for something trendy that’s going to make you stand out then you can try one of the top 25 beautiful hairdos.