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Now, with Google Tour CreatorGoogle is launching Tour Creator for Vr. This new feature came from both teachers and students, as a submission. Custom Vr tours are available for publication on Poly. Google is launching its new feature named the Tour Creator in the Vr field. This service gives anyone who wants to share their Vr experience with others the ability to do so in a very easy way. You don’t need any special knowledge to create professional-looking Vr content simply by using Google Street View imagery or your own 360 images. The whole idea says Google ExpeditionsGoogle Cardboard Vr tool, as Brittney Fraser. Figure 1 Image Courtesy Of Kingsland Ce Academy A positive feedback from teachers and students also gave the company an idea to create this new service which would enable them to share their Vr experience with others. Now students can create their own tours that can help them learn and tell stories about their experiences. The way Tour Creator works is it allows the user to bring in their own material and make a virtual 3D tour of whatever they want. After that they need only publish it on Poly which is Google’s 3D content library and share it with others. There is even the option of embedding their tour on the website of their school. Google will be implementing another feature later this year that will allow users to import those tours into the Expeditions application. To try and build your first tour, simply go to the official link of the Tour Creator and follow the step-by-step process. Android Pay expanded its service to 18 additional banks replacing Google Wallet

ByTechNadu Staff-April 19, 2017.134 Android Pay a Google Play mobile payment system replacing Google Wallet. It will provide users with the facility to pay for goods at compatible payment terminals by using their NFC-enabled smartphone. This fast-growing service and the Android Pay now supports a significant number of financial / bank institution. Actually the list of the sponsored bank in the Us by this service crossed last month the 600 banks. First State Bank of Florida Keys Indiana University Credit Union Greenfield Community Bank Maquoketa State Bank McFarland State Bank Infirmary Federal Credit Union Barksdale Federal Credit Union Florence Savings Bank J.S.C. Federal Credit Union O Bee Credit Union