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Erin Moran was a child actress best known for her role as Richie Cunningham’s younger sister Joanie Cunningham on Happy Days played by Ron Howard. She was the second-youngest of six children in her real life. In 1968 she made her debut with James Garner and Debbie Reynolds in the comedy How Sweet It Is. In Happy Days she found fame and ran from 1974 to 1984. The show was set in Milwaukee in the 1950s and its popularity culminated in a spinoff for Moran called Joanie Loves Chachi that aired from 1982 to 1983. She later stayed with her husband in a trailer in Moran’s story, after losing her home in a 2010 foreclosure. She last appeared on TV on VH1’s reality show Celebrity Fit Club in 2008. Earlier in this year, she died. As of June 2017, the net worth ofCelebrity Net Worth Moran is $50,000. See how you stack up against her using thisnet worth measuring.

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Would you like to see how a different child star did later in life? Write how Melissa Gilbert is doing financially. Erin Moran was an American actress known for her role as Joanie Cunningham the freckledface troublemaker and Richie Cunningham’s sister in the American sitcom Happy Daysand spin-off Joanie Loves Chachi. Her mother sponsored her and at the age of five got her first contract as an agent topenher. Her first contract was a commercial with a Federal Bank and this marked the start of the five-year-old’s blooming career.


She also appeared in Gunsmoke, another TV series. At age 13 Moran starred on ABC sitcomHappy Days as Joanie Cunningham. The show ran for a total of 11 seasons from 1974 to 1984. Jonie’s role was replicated in 1982 in the spin-off show Joanie Loves Chachi and Scott Baio. Erin has appeared many more in several TV series, such as The Don Rickles Family Affair The Waltons My Three Sonsand. Moran has appeared as a guest in several TV shows including The Love Boat Murder She Wrote and Diagnosis: Murder. Her first notable appearance as a little girl in the comedy movie as a mobile boot — How Sweet It Is! From 1968 with Debbie Reynolds. For Jonah and Watermelon Man Erin played a supporting role for 80 measure. In 1981, Moran appeared as Alluma in the Galaxy of Terror, opposite Edward Albert. In 2003 she made a cameo appearance with David Spade inDickie Roberts: Former Child Starwith. Her latest credit film was theatrical comedy film Not Another B Movie’written and directed in 2010 by John Wesley.

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