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Full Name Elizabeth Huberdeau First Name ElizabethHuberdeau Birth Name Elizabeth Huberdeau Real State AgentAmerican Ethnicity White Born City West Newbury Massachusetts United States of America Gender Identity Female Sexual CareerSpringfield College Date of Birth 281979 Age 40 yearsContent

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Divorced Who is Elizabeth Huberdeau married with? John Cena (-2012) Not every couple of celebrities are power pairs. And let’s be real some pairs together aren’t as powerful as they like to believe. Different is the case of Elizabeth Huberdeau who began taking all the limelight from the media after her marriage to John Cena but their relationship soon died down. We are gushing about Huberdeau and her personal life today so stay tuned to us until the end.

On 28 1979, Elizabeth Huberdeau was born in West Newbury, U.S. Massachusetts. Huberdeau shares white ancestry and American nationality. As to school, Huberdeau attended Massachusetts Springfield University. Elizabeth began her career in the real estate sphere. Although no specific information about her profession is available, she is known to be involved in a real estate company. She also buys or sells for living properties such as real estate and cars. As a person engaged in a real estate company she has to earn lots of cash. Just like her partner Elizabeth Martyn Eaden is also famous.

Many of you may not know that John and Elizabeth are high school sweethearts. Figure 1 Image: At a restaurant and bar Cena, Elizabeth Huberdeau and John Cena never talk to the press about his private life making it difficult to dig deeper into his own life. Nevertheless, according to Cena announced he was going to get married during the promotion of his 12 Rounds film.

The pair didn’t share any kind of children during the three years of their marital relationship. So it was pretty easy for them to go ahead with the divorce.

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Elizabeth makes enough money as a successful real estate agent to provide an enjoyable and comfortable life. Yet it was not Huberdeau who revealed her net worth. While Huberdeau did not reveal how much cash or assets she had during the divorce settlement. Figure 3 Photograph: Elizabeth Huberdeau and John Cena in their own carFor further news Stay With marriedceleb.com