Elegant Updo For Short Fine Hair

Many girls with short fine hair are eager to look through the pictures with fancy updo hair and believe that this beauty isn’t for them because they’re updated on May 2017. I want to dissipate the misconception and show you how beautiful you can look with perfect short hair with an updo. For your prom wedding or any other epic event in your life, it’s a great updo idea where you need to look great.

Looking at the abundance of curly updos in red-carpet looks we realize they’ve been a big hit in the last few seasons and they’re still going on. If your locks are at least one of the quirky twists of casual hair today and tomorrow’s stylish updo. Here comes the instruction step-by-step.

Elegant Updo For Short Fine Hair Step-By-Step Tutorial

Step Prepare Base For Your Updo

Normally fine hair lacks volume and looks limp. Curls add the perfect volume and create beautiful texture for a curly updo as a good base. Previously break the hair into pieces with a flat iron. Start from the nape locks and continue to work towards your crown. Clamp a lock on the roots and rotate the flat iron to allow the lock to move from roots to ends between the appliance plates. Curl the temple locks, holding the flat iron vertically away from your face. Once you’ve done allulating your curls gently in order to gain the missing texture. This will ultimately make your updo look more voluminous. Best hot air brushes for fine hair here.

Step Backcomb Crown Section

Your updo will look more elegant and sophisticated with a light bouffant that is achieved in the crown section with the backcomb of the locks. Part thin horizontal locks with a flat comb and backcomb them.

Step Form The Knot At The Nape

At the nape, carefully put the ends of the locks together as if to make a small pony and swirl them into a tight knot. At this point, fix the knot with bobby pins and hair spray the result. ‘

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Step Arranging The Temples Curls

Now work on the edges of your updo. Take each curl on your face’s sides and bring it up and back to the bouffant by arranging all the curls in elegant waves and fixing each wave with hair spray to hold it in place.

I am impressed with this look’s delicacy and elegance. By the way, it’s quite flexible. I can imagine that with a floor-long gown at night or a light, casual summer dress. Feel free to borrow the idea and share the Hair Tutorial we’ve made for you in Pinterest.

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