Eduardo Noriega – Biography of Eduardo Noriega

Eduardo Noriega was born in August 1973 in Santander, Spain.

His father is Mexican and he is the youngest of seven brothers and the only one of them who dedicated himself to acting.
From a very young age he liked music, and for this reason he studied music theory, harmony, choral and piano for five years at the conservatory of his hometown.

After the years he abandoned his studies in Law and music and went to Madrid to study at the School of Dramatic Art.
His first forays into film were in several shorts with directors, such as Alejandro Amenábar with whom he would later make two films; Mateo Gil Y Carlos Montero.
His first film was “Kronen Stories“, shot in 1994.

Went with “Thesis“(1996), which had its first leading role in a film that became one of the greatest successes of Spanish cinema.

Director Amenábar He confessed that at first he did not want to Noriega for the role, thinking it was just “a pretty face“, but nevertheless, he called him because the rest of the participants in the casting convinced him.
After the movie, they became friends and collaborated together on “Open your eyes“(1997), film for which he obtained his first candidacy for Goya to Best Male Performance.

Already in the new millennium, he acted alongside Carmen Maura in “Road and blanket”(2000); in “Burnt silver”(2000), film by Marcelo Pineyro co-starring Leonardo Sbaraglia, or in “The Devil’s backbone”(2001), with Marisa Paredes placeholder image, title directed by Guillermo del Toro.

With Mateo Gil, screenwriter of Amenábar, he shot the short film “Breaking and entering“(1998) and later starred in the intrigue movie”Nobody knows nobody” (1999).

Some of his latest works are “Novo”(2002) by Jean-Pierre Limosin; “The wolf”(2004) (for which he won his second award nomination Goya); “Che Guevara“(2005), where he plays the mythical guerrilla;”Alatriste“(2006), starring Viggo Mortensen, Y “Love songs at Lolita’s Club“(2007); film by Vicente Aranda that brings to the screen a novel by Juan Marsé.

In 2008, there are two planned releases of Noriega; the thriller “Transsiberian“, with Woody harrelson Y Emily mortimer; Y “In the spotlight” with Dennis Quaid Y Matthew fox.

His next works are in different stages of production, four Spanish women who have him as the protagonist: “Petit indi“,”C’est ici que je vis“,”The evil of others” Y “The stark eye“.

In September 2007 the Spanish edition of the magazine People chose him among the 10 sexiest Latinos on the planet.