Ed Gein – Biography of Ed Gein

One of the most ruthless murderers in Europe was Ed gein or Edward Theodore Gein, known as the plainfield butcher. Ed was born a August 27, 1906, was the second son of a couple in constant conflict, his father an alcoholic man who far from worrying about his family abandoned them to their fate every time he went out with his friends, his mother was a fanatically religious woman who was forced to marry now to live a mean life, for this reason she hated men and wanted very much to have a woman daughter.

When her second son Ed was born, she swore that he would not be like all men, she imposed a heavy hand on her children and educated them with rigor, she was little capable of transmitting any feeling of love. Some time later his parents moved to a farm and had to dedicate themselves to livestock, there his mother was in charge of feeding and killing pigs to sell their meat in the markets. His life was always poor without any luxuries or affection

From a very young age, Ed proved to be a strange being, it is said that he did not speak much and that the topics of Nazis and torture were what he was passionate about, as a child he never related to other minors because his mother forbade him, telling him that all men were sinners and that they would stain him if they came near him.

When Ed enters adolescence, his family life begins to unravel, his father, who never meant anything to him, died and soon after, his older brother died in strange circumstances. A year later his mother became seriously ill and Ed spent a lot of time taking care of her, but sadly he ceased to exist and this left Ed devastated. Apparently this would be the reason why he would start his most terrible murders.

Ed was arrested after the murder of a woman, owner of a store of which he was his neighbor, apparently the woman had disappeared after selling some products to Ed and this was included in his account book. When arresting and inspecting his farm, the police were horrified by what they found, a decapitated body hanging as if it were an animal, bloodied and without viscera. They also found a number of objects made of human skin, skulls, dentures and bones that they were employed in various ways.

On questioning Ed, he stated that he had only killed two people in his life and that the other skulls had been removed from the cemetery by opening the graves and placing instead of them a strange mixture that he himself prepared. With the series of investigations and medical examinations carried out, he was considered a dangerous man with dementia, so he was admitted to the asylum. In 1978 he was transferred to the Mendota geriatric hospital for the mentally ill, where a July 26, 1984.