70+ Easy Updos

Low Bun with Twisted Braids

All you need is two hair ties, some bobby pins, hair spray and some patience to get this lovely low bun.

It’s worth the results!

From Braid to Bun

You can turn a tiny braid into a beautiful chignon softly resting on your neck’s back in just six simple steps.

Double Twisted Braid Bun

Go from pigtails to twisted braids to a beautiful bun within minutes with one of our favourites from our simple medium hair list updos.

Updo twist

Good stuff comes to those who twist! It helps if for this pretty chignon your hair is naturally wavy or curly.

French Braid Low Bun

Another simple move for medium hair is to gradually put your hair in a full French braid and then twist left, correct and up.

Curly, Wavy, & Messy Bun

Curly gals All you have to do is bind your hair half up, half down, and twist up and around.

Three-way twist

If you’re searching for easy medium hair updates, it’s as simple as tying your hair into three low ponytails and twisting around them.

You’ve finished!

Classic & Classic Low Bun

For this classic and classic hairstyle, twist the sides of your hair and put them in a low ponytail.

Double Braids High Bun

Start with your head sides, put the rest of your hair in a ponytail and twist it as well! For a super adorable bun, twist around the primary braid.

Back Braided Crown

Braid your hair in two, leaving the internal corners loose Left Wrap, wrap right, resulting in a beautiful braided chignon.

Double Headband

You can add a private touch with a cool double headband after getting your ideal messy bun together.

Classic French braid

Everyone understands the classic French braid, but how do you really do it  on earth? This-step guide demonstrates how easy it is!

Side Chignon

Why settle for the standard when a classic chignon can be twisted?
Turn it a little to the side instead of maintaining it directly down.

Bun & Bow

Can a bohemian bun be made even more adorable?
Surprisingly, yes!

Add a big bow to your favorite color and look like you came out of a fairytale directly.

Rock PromNight The Cool As You Can Get Short Hair Styles!
Transform your brown hair with the suggestions of our lowlights and highlights!
Cool Rock Scene & Emo Hairstyles for Girls ‘

‘ Half Up Half Down with Braid Crown ‘

‘ One of the simple medium hair updates you can try.

Upper Side Fishtail

A well-cutfishtail can go a long way for simple medium hair updates.

Curly Side Chignon

Another way to style a side chignon is to curl your hair beforehand. If your hair is naturally wavy or curly, it’s even easier.

Swept Up Bun

Another glamorous marriage bun is this loose bun swept up style.

Twisted Chignon with

Twist your chignon path and add your favourite hairpins.

Perfect Wedding Updo

This curly bun is the long updo wedding of which you dreamed!

Ponytail Side Braid

Braid to the side a little of your hair and put the remainder in a ponytail.

Chignon braid

Pin the loose chignon and wrap the braid around the top.

Loose French Braid High Ponytail

Lock your French top braid and finish it in a high ponytail.

Bangs Casual Ponytail

You see, ladies!

Puffed up Ponytail

Puff up your cheekbone with a brush and hair spray.

Big Half Up, Half Down Ponytail

Bind your hair in half, and begin teasing.

Soft Half, Up Half Ponytail

This is the classic half-up and half-down ponytail variant.

Messy Ponytail

Don’t worry about getting messy about your ponytails.

Puffy Afro Faux Hawk

Bring your hair up and tease it away!

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Bandana Ponytail

For a new and edgy look, add a bandana to your ponytail.

Pin Up Ponytail

Wrap your ponytail with a ribbon and curl each remaining strand. You will get the ideal look pin up in no moment!

Half Up, Half Down Bun

Braid the two sides in half bun up and half down.

Braid Up Bun

Start with a French braid and finish with a fab twist to a traditional bun.

Double Braid Crown

Double the crown with a traditional crown braid and a fishtail braid The outcome is merely beautiful!

Braid Wrap Around Crown Bun

Go for a large bun with a dense braid.

Half Up, Half Down Fishtail Braid

Cut the top half up, half down the hairstyle into a lovely fishtail.

Curly Braid Down Bun

Use this loose braided bun to make the most of your curls.

Braided Updo with flowers

Add some tiny flowers to your braided updo for improved feminininityYou can sport this fairy-like look at a wedding, a festival, while going out, or just basically anywhere!

Wrap Around Twist Crown

Create a wrapped crown with whatever braids you like.

Double Braided Up Pigtails

French braiding your pigtails into tiny buns.

Hair Flower Crown

Make your braided half up, half down with a lovely flower design creative.

Top French braid

Try to stop your French braid when you reach the top and allow the remainder of your hair to flow freely.

Half Up, Half Down with Two Braids

Start with your hairline and twist your traditional braid with waterfall braid very fetching.

Half Crown Braid

Half-crown braid hairstyle that looks so incredible on a unique occasionIt’s presumed one of the tough hair styles; on the contrary, it’s one of the simple hairstyles to create at home.

Fishtail Braid

Fishtail Braid helps you a lot when you don’t have time to comb your tressesIt’s one of the simple hairstyles to create at homeTo get amazing and messy look, attempt Fishtail BraidIt seems to be hard, but it’s a very useful hairstyle.

Side Braided Hairstyle

Mostly busy people don’t have time to look at their hair. If you don’t have time to do hairstyle in the best long hair, try a side braided hairstyle that doesn’t take a minute.

” < h2>’.’Triple Twisted Ponytail”

‘ It’s upgraded version of your ponytail The triple twisted ponytail comes in one of the simple hairstyles to create at home.

French braid

French braid is very nice and appealing hairstyle that you can do when you hurry to the office and college It looks hard, but it’s one of the simple hairstyles to create at homeBraid looks so lovely and classy.

Messy Beach Wavy Curls

Messy Beach Wavy Curls are one of the easy hair styles to make at home. It gives you amazing look and doesn’t take any time. Just rub your hair in your finger and see the magic.

Scarf Wrapped Low Burn

Hairstyle is the best way to create your bun more attractive when you don’t have time to tame your hair. Just create a messy bun and wrap it with a lovely scarf. It’s one of the easiest hairstyles to make at home.

Low chignon

Low chignon is very simple and fetching hairstyleIt looks best when wearing casual or formalYou can make it messy for your casual lookDo it well and completely for your official look to feel full of spiritLow chignon hardly takes your time and one of the simple hairstyles to create

Tousled Top Knot

It’s one of the easy hair styles to make at home that doesn’t even need a Happy hairstyle comb to set! Just take a lot of strand, create a braid and leave the remaining hair looseAdd to your regular hairstyle that hardly takes your time.

A single twist

The hairstyle is very cute and ideal for the occasionSimply comb your hair and split the tresses around the crown into sectionsMake a two-stranded cross and attach it with child pinsYou can also use the hair accessories to decorate the hairstyle perfectly.

Loose hairstyle

If you love to open your hair then loose hairstyle is ideal for youSometimes open hair with appealing hair accessories looks better than those heavy and hard hair stylesYou just comb your hair and tug accessories on the sides and leave it open.

Messy Bun

If you have no pins and rubber band for your hairstyle then just do the messy bunIt is mostly used by females and one of the simple hairstyles to create at home.

Classy Bun

You don’t have to be professional in this hairstyle. All you need is hardly a minute to make this hairstyle. Make a classy burn with a smooth look that looks so amazing on you. You can even use a hair donut to produce a bun volume.

Asymmetric twist

Asymmetric twist is one of the adorable hairstyles You can save this hairstyle for your perfect occasion, even if you don’t have a lengthy hairstyle.

Fake Bangs Top Knot

If you don’t have bangs, you can make fake bangs with a chaotic bunIt seems to be hard, but it’s one of the simple hair styles for your hairFold your hair and leave some hair ends on your forehead, which provides the look of fake bangs.

Natural Hair Bow

If you love to use hair accessories then go for this trendy hair styleIt’s one of the simple hair styles to create with lovely hair accessories at home.

Sleek Vixen Hairstyle

Sleek Vixen hairstyle is one of the simple hairstyles to create at home. Many celebrities use this hairstyle to flaunt their hair.

Knot Ponytail

Knot Ponytail is adorable hairstyleIt is mostly performed by girlsYou have to bring a strand from each side Make one pony by combining the two strandsCreate a gap in the center of the pony hair and then roll the pony from inside to outside.

High Ponytail

High Ponytail works best when there’s nothing in mind But if you’re in a mood to do experiments, then cover your hair and accessories to get it. source