Dry Shampoo Alternatives

Okay girls here’s the universal truth that even the biggest Hollywood queens have bad hair days. Especially this harsh heat can turn your bulky diva-ish hair into medusa’s and in the early morning rush when all we girls can think about is getting to our office or college on time that has time to wash and condition the hair every day? We understand your situation and that’s why we’ve highlighted these best alternatives to dry shampoo to help you on your bad hair day.

Baby Powder

We only had this baby powder and we still have it before dry shampoo came on the scene. So now you know you can use this as a dry shampoo as it’s always cheaper, and if you go out for a few hours, it works well. This is the item on our bad hair day that we swear by. Sprinkle the oily scalp with the paste and rub in. Finally, however you like, you can style your hair. An simple substitute for dry shampoo! ‘

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‘ Cornstarch and Cocoa Powder’

‘ Don’t be surprised to hear that right. We are talking about the combination of cornstarch and cocoa powder as a dry substitute for shampoo. This homemade dry shampoo comes to your rescue if you run out of any other solution and want to fake the blow-dry hair look. Use a contour brush to apply cornstarch and mix cocoa with it if your hair is darker and brown in colour. It will also allow the scent of your skin uh-mazing.

Blotting paper towels

Blotting paper does much more than just absorbing T-zone oil. Okay, yeah, it also absorbs your scalp’s oil. And it comes in handy as well that you can literally take them with you anywhere and even put them in your wallet. Simply divide your hair in various sections and run the blotting papers around your roots. If you don’t blot papers then take some paper towels from the washroom of your office to blot the oil. For emergencies, it fits well.

Hand sanitizer

Well, the sanitizer for the hand. Okay, surprised? A great brand for both your hair and face. Even as if you don’t have a water bottle and liquid soap to wash your hand and use sanitizer, you can use it to get those lustrous tresses back. The alcohol in it soaks up the excess oil. Squeeze on your hand some of it and run your fingers through your locks and scalp. A perfect replacement for dry shampoos!


Another item that your body may only use for one thing, but you can also use it as a perfume to treat your problem with oily hair. The same alcohol ingredient breaks down your scalp’s oil and leaves it smoother and less sticky. Apply your perfume or deodorant-inches away from the roots by either spraying it directly or spraying it on a hair brush normally combing your hair and not allowing that greasiness to take away your charm.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Photo Credit Pexels Surprising right? Apple cider vinegar is not only an alternative to dry shampoo, it is also the standard oily skin shampoo. And the best thing about this magic material is it’s perfect for all the texture of the hair. Now you might wonder how a foul-smelling vinegar could make your hair look good? Okay, that’s this product’s charm. You don’t need to use it exclusively. Mix well your hair and spritz at the roots in five ounces of water in a spray bottle section and you’re ready to go.


Just when you thought that salt was only meal and bath treatment for you! Well, this versatile crystalline mineral is more wonderful than you can imagine, and when you add cornmeal to it, the results are heavenly. For this combination, take your old Parmesan cheese shaker, salt or pepper shaker. Add 1/2 cup of salt and 1/2 cup of cornmeal and stir well. Sprinkle all the dirt and oil on your hair as you do. 401.095.jpg” />


Do you enjoy this last list of dry shampoo alternatives? Next on this list is a product you’ve probably never even thought about. Indeed, it’s cheesecloth! Well, this age-old hair hack and your grandma probably know about it, but as we pull away from our old remedies, it’s our job to remind you of it. Not only do you get a creative and cool alternative to dry shampoo with this hack, but you also DIY your own shampoo brush. Wrap your cheesecloth tightly around your brush and normally brush your hair for a hair affair of a kind.

Dry Clay

Dry clay acts as a dry shampoo and leaves in your hair a fragrance. This strips the sebum or oil because of the silica in it as you can name it from the scalp to give you the look of the hair salon. For this method- agar green white red powdered orris root, you can use any dry clay. Mix milk powder with dry clay together for lustrous locks and soft hair for a greater effect. Apply it as other mixtures would be added to your skin.

Arrowroot (Wet+Dry)

A DIY dry shampoo’s basic idea is to use an oil-absorbing substance and Arrowroot is a natural oil-absorbing substance. You can either use arrowroot powder to massage it directly into your scalp. Only take your old brush and add it to your hair. You only need cup warm water+/vodka+/arrowroot and TADA to make your own wet arrowroot spray solution! You’ve got your own wet shampoo spray.

Oatmeal and Baking Soda

By now we are sure that by reading this guide you have become a pro in creating these mixtures. And yes, you’re doing exactly the same combination. Finely grind the cup oatmeal and add to the powder cup baking soda. Remove the baby powder or seasoning bottle and thoroughly blend the powders in a tub before being moved to a jar. Sprinkle your roots with the dry shampoo and style your hair as you wish.

Some advice to make your own dry shampoo

The mixture with cocoa powder cocoa powder + cornstarch is more suitable for dark hair should be your choice and if you have a lighter hair color then go for salt + cornmeal. The trick is to choose the hair color powders. Even though these are natural home remedies, because if you go for a different color base, it won’t damage your skin. If you have no choice but to choose cocoa powder for the color of your light hair, simply apply the mixture at least two hours before allowing your hair some time to absorb it.

More Tips and Tricks for Good Results

You should play with the various mixtures and find out what works best for you. Well now you’ve got it the cheaper organic and probably more effective alternatives to expensive dry shampoos. Beau Bollinger’s Guide to Individualized Hair Cutting The Plump Process for Large and Bouncy Curls Hair Colors Inspired by Crystals I Grew My Hair Long Using These Tools from Amazon Haircut Words for Improved Communication with Your Stylist Stay Connected The Ultimate Hair Care Guide for Unicorns and Mermaids Whatever your type of hair, we can help you find the right hairstyles The Right Hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu HomeHair Braided