Dress and Heels Hairstyle

Few hairstyles look so perfect. Use one of these forty hairstyles for your next little black dress event.

All Modern Twist Updo Variations

Everyone knows how to make a twist, but how to make it interesting and unhackneyed? Messy texture braided components can help you diversify your casual twist updo.

Elegant Bouffant Twist

This is a French twist updo with a perfect balance of formal and messy. The look coils tightly in the back and gives up that little amount of freedom for the messy look that has become a modern go-to.

Short-hair twist

This low hanging twist is simple and even with the shortest hair can be taken off. The look exudes simplicity and effortlessness as it tucks away without any question even the most stubborn locks.


Low-Hanging Twist

With loose strands surrounding the eyes, this look has many layers to play with and you’ll love the result.

Polished Peek-a-Boo Twist

The peek-a-boo twist is an easy to capture on the twist updo. If you’re not bringing a look into the next year you’re crazy about setting up for many more boring styles to come. Consider it your resolution to try trendy hairstyles more often. Start with this fabulous French Twist ringing throughout the year.

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Sleek Updo with Curls

This is a sleek updo look for hair-to-hair fans. On the one side, the curls will give you a beautiful profile; plus your hair will look sleek and show off that lovely coloring.


Brigitte Bardot Beehive Updo

Check it outhere is another variation of a French Twist influenced by a beauty symbol. This Brigitte Bardot-esque> beehive form combines both volume and texture for optimal updo harmony.

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Messy Casual French Twist

This twist has a perfect look on none other than first-day skin. Everyone knows that the texture does not generally start to feel good until the second-day status when the natural oils begin to spread to the ends.

Braided French Twist with Dazzling Accent

The romantic glittering headpiece adds a touch of glamor and gives this gracefully different French twist braid updo an exciting vintage beauty while the low sitting roll emphasizes the slender neck. This is a classic and very traditional bridal look with a romantic side and pure elegance love.

Flower Accent Chignon

This French twist is partially braided to make it perfect for long, thick hair. The accessory for the dainty flower completes the low bun which is tempted to slide down the neck. For any special occasion, this would be a stunning hairstyle!

Elegant and elegant updo

This look is what bridal dreams are made of! It’s one of the most thrilling hairstyles you could think of for a wedding. Sexy sleek hair, together with curls and swoopy texture, is pulled back where it is arranged like a huge skein of the finest silk. The style looks effortless but sophisticated and purposeful. The hair is skillfully and beautifully pulled away from the face, not only because of its shape, but also because of its beautiful balayage color.

Graceful Swoopy Updo

Are you looking for a great updo? This asymmetric roll is sharp yet gentle, allied and yet elegantly wavy. Thanks to the cleverly crafted twisted bun made for the perfectly colored hair, the final look is anything but dull. The allled texture full of air adds volume and elegance to the updo, making sure that you will be heard once you arrive at the event. This look is characterized by the lovely asymmetry and dimensional features as a perfect way to make an impact.

Diamond accent Sleek and Sexy French Twist

A stunning wedding hairdo with some teasing underneath and pins to keep the enigmatic whirled bun in an elegant twist. The genius hanging head piece (or is it an earring?) makes the dramatic and stunning French twist updo even more.

Teased and Textured Chunky Twist

The hair is pulled back and collected in a messy chunky twist that shows movement and romance while the front is graced with wispy pieces falling out of the updo around the face. The hair’s dirty blonde foundation adds an extra chic touch to the pretty updo.

Casual Updo disheveled

Royal mess. The mad take on a bun from France. And above all, in its knotted messy beauty, it is easier to create than it appears. The up look is made by twisting the hair in the back and hanging on both sides, leaving some rebellious strings. Quite a look of an untamed gypsy. ‘

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‘ Warrior Princess Updo’

‘ How to make a French Twist? Pull all your hair back as if you twist it once with a low ponytail and tuck the freely hanging ends under the twist creating a roll and pinning in place. With the French roll updos, you can go all out on your imagination. Twist, turn and tie the pin. Some strands are left looped, some remaining straight are wild others. It’s all about speech and fun. Your imagination has no rules and no limits!

Large French Twist for Long Hair

With a classic French Twist, you start twisting your hair low from the nape of your neck, but this typical look suggests a reverse twist with a loose side bun. It’s a beautiful long hair updo idea.

Voluminous Low-Hanging Bun

This full-volume Low-Hanging Bun is simple-looking but it creates a dramatic loose French twist that is nothing more than a plain, unremarkable updo. Wear or even try it for a special occasion with a casual floral dress. Looking easily is very fashionable and suitable in any setting.

Romantic Textured Bun with Bouffant

Nothing is more charming and romantic than a classic French roll, but it’s popular today to customize traditional stuff that gives them a personal twist. If you have long fine hair, try to create a natural flow impression with extra volume wispy texture and even a bouffant. With French twists, it’s typically flattering.

Tight Diagonal French Twist

This beautiful roll is totally different from what we imagine when we think about the classic twist updo. It’s compact and flexible and what makes the look stand out is its asymmetrical positioning. Fine blonde highlights in the light brown hair reinforce this divine look’s beautiful shape and movement.

Stylish Accent Updo

The hair is styled in a smooth and easy low updo. The retro shape is upgraded with a distinct bun and bouffant dimensional color texture and a set of hair accessories. A few loose curly pieces contribute to this beautiful bun’s charm and make it a little less perfect, a big plus for modern updos. 1094.jpg” />

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Wavy Hair Twist

Blonde hair, even when rumpled, is beautiful on its own! It becomes a sensual declaration of irresistibility when twisted and twirled into a casual French twist hair style. The light blonde curl hair shows an extra size and glow.

Funky Vintage Updo with Curled Ends

That’s not the average bun of yours. Surely this conical updo will be one of the most unforgettable hairstyles you’ve ever worn. Multicolored hair beaches with contrasting pink blue green and purple make this roll an exotic peacock mysteriously. Enjoy colors and choose your own choices!

Unkempt Knot for Short Hair

Beautifully untamed and sensual hair with a rebellious attitude. Lovely short hair is pulled into a loose twist in the color of a mid-summer day. Wavy strands are released on the sides for a playful and happy attraction.

Side Rolled Ponytail Updo

This French hairstyle roll is relatively easy to create with long hair and looks great and effortless. It’s a great style to dress up as a casual comfortable outfit goes very well. The hair is twisted into a messy asymmetric curl with the ends poking out a carefree attitude.

Lilac French Twist Beehive

Soft hair sophistication and radiant elegance are the characteristics of this magnificent, voluminous updo. For maximum volume, the strands are teased and pulled into a twist with ends tucked in invisibly. With a lot of shine, the hair is smooth and well-controlled.

Low Hanging Twist with a Swirled Top

Sculpted as a fine art work and bathed in a blonde caramel shine, this elegant updo will turn many heads! This one stands out with its definition and flawless execution from thousands of pictures with a bun updo.

Relaxed Bedhead Updo

This uncomplicated twist updo can look complicated, but with messy shorter hair you can easily create it. At the roots, first tease the hair and pull it back. Twist the lower neck area and lock smoothly. Remove the curly ends and finishes here and there!

Messy Mohawk Updo

This chic French twist updo not only features a classy look suitable for any elegant case, but it also features a messy big hairy touch inherent in the style. The updo suggests that your hair be allied and twisted and then pinned into the chic final product. ‘

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Special Woven Twist

You’ve got it when you’re hunting for a total showstopper. This look is a fantastic and completely unique take on the more traditional twist, featuring a beautiful back bun with single strands apparently woven through each other.


Low Twisted Ponytail

If you want a much more relaxed long-hair look that still keeps a classic feeling perfect for any special occasion this French twist updo will work just fine. The hair is pulled tightly at the back of the head with the ends not hidden inside as in the classic twist updo but let out in a loosely waved ponytail for a twist. The updo is quick and easy, with hair twisted low at the back of the head, framing the face with a few loose strands. It’s a simple type of no-hassle.

Three-layered twist

Double the standard twist updo the next look shows three layered twists on top of each other at the back of the head. It is a perfect style with a good thickness for long hair.


Braided Twist Updo

Braids are just universal and this braided French twist updo is a brilliant idea to update your favorite classic twist style. Simply pre-braid a side hair section and feed the braid into your twist.

Chunky Twist with Bangs

This updo is special as it has a few different dimensions. Everything is pulled together to give a fantastic profile to the wearer and a standout style descriptor to gain the look.

All-Around Twist

One of the more unique looks in this series, this twist covers the head of the wearer with a seamless all-around look that is stunning at any angle. The look for long hair is great and all the pieces are tightly pulled, leaving no room for fly-aways. ‘

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Relaxed Curl Twist

Most women want a more busy look to add pizzazz to their style. And there’s no better look out there for women with a monochromatic hair color to achieve the extra depth. With bangs and a few loose strands curled around the face, the updo is messily pulled back into a twist in the back.


Classic Short Hair Twist

If you have shorter hair twist updos get a bit harder to pull off. The key is a twist that falls low in the nape of your head. Even the shorter hairs in the back fittingly blend into the style so baby hairs don’t get problematic but rather add to the look.


Simply braid your hair in French as you would usually do and pin the braid into an updo! Be sure to tease the roots before you start braiding to reach the volume of this braided style.

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Retro Inspired Side Ponytail Updo

This French Pony Twist is one of the most unique variations of the trend. If you prefer to keep some hair down even when you’re pulling your hair back over your usual low ponytail or half-up / half-down look, this is the new go – to-up style for you to turn to.

Triple Bun Updo

Starting from the top section, pull your hair back and twist it into a tiny bun. Do this all the way down until all the hair, which could be as tiny as three buns or as many as six, has been used.

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French Twist Updo with a Big Bouffant

Sometimes all you need to spice up a dull and dreary hairstyle is to add in your own special flare. Headbands are a great addition to hairstyles if you wear them well. Don’t choose one too big for your head or a bright color that could distract you from your wardrobe.

Easy French Twist

Hope for you all beginners out there who normally just let your hair do its own natural thing which hangs freely on each side of your face! Begin your hairstyle trials with this basic French Twist rendition. It’s just a step in the right direction.

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Basic French Twist Updo

Try this elegant version for your next formal occasion. It can be worn with your friends from work anywhere from the anniversary dinner to the night out at the bar. Wherever the night brings you this style, you’ll be sure to catch everyone’s attention and envy.

French Twist Pon