Donnelly Rhodes – Biography of Donnelly Rhodes

Donnelly rhodes is a Canadian actor born in 1936 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

He began his career in 1956, with a small non-credit participation in the film “Reprisal!”, And since then he has developed an extensive career, both in film and television.

Among some of his most recognized roles, we can mention, from the most recent to the oldest, that of the Doctor cottle in the television series of Sci Fi Channel Battlestar galactica”, In which he was between 2004 and 2009, that of Det. Leo Shannon on “Da Vinci’s Inquest”, Series in which he was between 1998 and 2005, the one of Harry Abramowitz on “The Heights”During 1992, prior to that of RJ Williams on “Street Legal”; was the Dr. Grant ‘Doc’ Roberts on “Danger Bay“, Series in which he was between 1985 and 1990, was Art foster on “Double Trouble”, Dutch Leinter in the novel of the 70’s “Soap”, And that of Phillip Chancellor II on “The Young and the Restles”, In which he was between 1974 and 1975.

Rhodes has also been a guest star on more than 50 series. Starting in the 90’s, we can mention some such as “Murder, She Wrote“,”Madison“,”Sliders“,”The X Files“,”The Outer Limits“,”Viper“,”Millennium“,”American dreams“,”The Dead Zone“,”Life As We Know It“,”Supernatural“,”Psych“,”The L Word“,”Smallville“,”Human Target” Y “Always a Bridesmaid”, Among others, without counting the previous ones.

On the big screen, his credits include tapes such as “Gunfight in Abilene” Y “two men and one destiny” starring Paul newman Y Robert Redford, both from the 60’s, “Odyssey under the sea” Y “Goldenrod“From the 70’s,”Benji Against Crime“, starring Chevy chase Y Jane seymour, from the 80’s, “Urban safari“In the 90’s, and from 2000 it was seen in”Adventures in Alaska“, with Cuba Gooding Jr Y James Coburn, “Pressure” Y “Damage“, among other.

However, when it comes to feature films, he has done more for television than for cinema. Among them we can mention “Our Man Flint: Dead on Target“,”Flight 90: Disaster on the Potomac“,”The Penthouse“,”Dirty work“,”Shadow of a Doubt“,”Big and hairy“,”The Wedding Dress“,”Past tense“,”Gym Teacher: The Movie“, Y “Goblin”, Forthcoming.

Regarding his personal life, he was married to the also actress Martha henry, from 1962 to the 90’s, when they divorced.

It is worth noting that in 2009, the British Columbia Actors Union made a tribute to Rhodes with the Sam Payne Award for its trajectory.