Susmita Baral More Articles September 27, 2014 Having pets means you have a friend and apart from keeping an adorable animal in your home you might very well be improvist. Don’t believe us? Several studies have found a wide array of health benefits associated with having dogs, and mental and physical benefits are these. Here are 5 ways pets make you safe both physically and mentally. 4/4.1230 Photos

1 by John Moore / Getty Pets can help you fight allergies and develop your immunity

Contrary to old-fashioned myths pets can help you fight allergies and asthma. According to a study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison by James E. Gern MD children who grew up with furry animals at home were less likely to suffer from pet allergies. Sean Gallup / Getty Images

2.4/4.1231. In Alzheimer’s patients

Alzheimer’s, pets minimize outbursts is a type of dementia where there is a progressive loss of brain activity that adversely affects memory behavior and thinking. In this population it makes patients less likely to keep an animal at home. Studies have shown that Alzheimer’s patients have less nervous outbursts if there is an animal in the household, says Lynette Hart PhD Associate Professor at Davis School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California at WebMD. A caregivers often feel less burdened when a pet is present particularly if it is a cat that usually requires less care than a dog. 4/4.1232 Photos

3 by Justin Sullivan/Getty Animals support people with mild depression

Pets can be a huge help when it comes to mental health. A research entitled Friends With Benefits: On the Positive Effects of Pet Ownership from Miami University and Saint Louis University found that pets would enhance their owners ‘ lives from a psychological point of view by reducing stress and disease. As our understanding of the psychological processes that underlie pets perceptions grows, the study authors write. The present research offers useful insights into the important social support that pets give to their owners, and the advantages that these omnipresent and profound relationships create. 4/4.1234 Photos

5 by John Moore / Getty. Pet owners live longer

In a study which looked at patients discharged from a Coronary Care Unit, it may be all the health benefits or simply the mental satisfaction of having a companion but pet owners were found to live longer. Patients who went home to an animal companion had a higher survival rate than their peers who did not, in this study published in Public Health Studies. More From Life Cheat Sheet:

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Mark Lawson More Articles September 29, 2012 Cisco Systems (NASDAQ: CSCO launches its Connected ATM Solution which will allow Cisco Systems to use its Connected ATM Solution E. I. DuPont de Nemours and Company s (NYSE: DD) earnings per share forecast were reduced by UBS in a report on Friday. DuPont is currently rated Positive with a price target of $55. Is Split Pullback a Buying Opportunity for Coca-Cola? Some images of the Beatles will take you back to Beatlemania

Mark Lawson More Articles September 29, 2012 Cisco Systems (NASDAQ: CSCO launches its Connected ATM Solution which will allow Cisco Systems to use its Connected ATM Solution E. I. DuPont de Nemours and Company s (NYSE: DD) earnings per share forecast were reduced by UBS in a report on Friday. DuPont is currently rated Positive with a price target of $55. Is Split Pullback a Buying Opportunity for Coca-Cola? Some images of the Beatles will take you back to Beatlemania

Jess Bolluyt.In 1957, the group that would become The Beatles started with a chance meeting between John Lennon and Paul McCartney at a show that Lennon performed with another band. NPR notes that for another three years Lenon and McCartney would not accept the name “The Beatles.” Yet NPR reports the “that encounter between two boys on a sweltering summer afternoon kick-started an artistic relationship that yielded nearly 200 songs worth close to a billion dollars.” 3.

We won £ 5 for their first gig in The Beatles ‘ early days at Cavern Club

5/5.002 Paul McCartney plays at the Cavern Nightclub. Keystone / Hulton Archive/ Getty Images During the early days of The Beatles, Paul McCartney performs on stage at the Cavern Club. The Telegraph notes it “was not an auspicious affair” for the band’s first performance at the London venue.” The show was performed at lunchtime on February 9, 1961. “A gig that wasn’t advertised was paid £ 5 for the performance and George Harrison was almost denied admission to perform because he was wearing jeans.” The basement club wasn’t packed and people ate sandwiches and hot dogs during the show. Next: They went to refine their skills abroad. 3.

In Germany, the Beatles developed their talents and then found 5/5.003 5/5.003 The Beatles played in a club before signing their first recording contract. Hulton Archive/ Getty Images Billboard notes that The Beatles ‘ first recording contract was signed in Hamburg, Germany, where the band, which then consisted of John Lennon Paul McCartney George Harrison and the original drummer Pete Best, “honored their craft playing gigs in the bustling nightclub district of the city.” Then a recording session in 1961 produced the “My Bonnie” single that never hit the top charts. But that led to the discovery of The Beatles in Britain by a promoter called Brian Epstein a contract with EMI and then their first hit “Love Me Do.” Next: This was Beatlemania’s launch.

5/5.004 5/5.004 The Beatles play at the Palladium in London. | Edward Wing/Express/ Getty Images The Beatles were able to replace Pete Best with Ringo Starr. And all four leaders loved when they hit it big fans. The Daily Beast notes that “John was typecast as the smart intellectual; Paul the romantic charmer; George the quiet and mysterious; and Ringo the easygoing fool.” In 1963, when “Beatlemania” got its name, every appearance the band made was attended by crowds of “teenage girls crying and peeing themselves violently, even as police battalions stood behind barriques and barricades. And of course: the shouting of people. “Next: The band performed at this huge event. 5. They performed ‘ the biggest night in the British show business ‘

5/5.005 5/5.005 After playing in the Royal Command Series, the Beatles are taking a bow. Fox Photos / Hulton Archive/ Getty Images By 1963 the Beatles performed what Slate describes as “the greatest night, the very heart of good clean fun.” Next: The members of the band became incredibly close.

7. Paul John George and Ringo became very close friends

5/5.007 The Daily Beast states that the Beatles together reached a level of popularity that was so remarkable and impossible that they soon began to suffocate under their weight, at which point they started to develop an even closer bond: the peculiar comradeship that came from being the only ones on the planet who really knew. As Ringo later recalled “They were my closest friends. We were looking out for each other really and we had a lot of laughs together. In the old days we d have the hugest hotel suites the entire floor of a hotel and the four of us would end up in the bathroom just to be with each other. 8.

In the spotlight

5/5.008 George Harrison records the Beatles filmed their lives as the Beatles prepare to board a bus. Evening Standard / Hulton Archive/ Getty Images Although The Guardian states that few Beatles fans had cameras that the band members turned to photography to record their lives (or at least behind the scenes) in the spotlight. A number of photospassionate photographer can be found. Next: In 1963, they accomplished this. 9.

They ‘found their voice’ from their rehearsals in 1963 5/5.009 5/5.009 The Beatles are taking a break. Fox Photos / Hulton Archive / Getty Images The Atlantic character
izes 1963 as “the year the Beatles discovered their voice.” The Beatles were “a true human jukebox that year” and one of their many obligations was “to make fun of each other semi-regularly at the BBC horse on air read requests and lay live versions of whatever people wanted to hear whatever they wanted.

5/5.010 5/5.010 The Beatles are riding in a police car at the back. Daily Express / Hulton Archive/ Getty Images The Atlantic records that the Beatles were at the top of the charts in the United Kingdom at the beginning of 1964. But it had just begun to draw fans abroad with songs from their first two albums Please Please Me and With the Beatles. “John Lennon Ringo Starr Paul McCartney and George Harrison set off on a series of tours beginning in Europe in 1964 and then visiting Australia and New Zealand in the United States of Hong Kong. As recorded by The Atlantic, “Beatles fans were so anxious and eager to see the band that police often resorted to using fire hoses to hold them back.”12.

A chance meeting had the Beatles signing autographs when they arrived in Paris for their big break in the United States

5/5.012 5/5.012 John Lennon and George Harrison. | Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images Next: The show took to the United States Beatlemania. 13.

Beatlemania took the United States by storm after the Ed Sullivan Show

5/5.013 The Atlantic notes that their single “I Want to Hold Your Hand” had become a huge hit after they spent the first part of 1964 touring Europe The Beatles returned to the stateside. Their first television concert in the United States was an appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show on February 9, 1964, when Sullivan introduced John Paul George and Ringo to America with the now famous words, “Ladies and Gentlemen The Beatles! “This success was watched by 73 million viewers – 34 percent of the American population. History reveals the Beatles had no idea what was awaiting them in the U.S. “The group was welcomed by a flock of 3000 excited screaming fans when they touched down in New York—many of them teenagers playing hooky from school.” Next: The Beatles played after New York in this city. 14.

Next they’ve performed at the Washington Coliseum in Washington

5/5.014 The Beatles. Central Press / Hulton Archive/ Getty Images The Beatles left New York for Washington D.C. after what History characterizes as their “star-making appearance on Ed Sullivan.” At Washington Coliseum, where they performed their first ever American stage show. “Their fame had hit dizzying heights by now” accounts from history. Company sold Beatles wigs and clothes. Despite being mobbed by thousands of fans, the band could not go anywhere. “Their management team in Washington had to confuse fans with decoy Beatles wearing wigs just to give the group time to get to the stage.” Next: People loved each of the Beatles and their special people. 15.

America loved each band member 5/5.015 5/5.015 Outside of the Washington Coliseum, the Beatles perform in snow. Central Press / Hulton Archive/ Getty Images When the series was not happy with being ‘ The Cute Beatle. ‘ I never really thought I was ‘ cute ‘ but I suppose some people think so. ‘ Next: They had to sneak out of their hotel to go sightseeing in this area.

17. The Beatles headed south for Miami

5/5.017 5/5.017 The Beatles set sail from Miami Beach Florida with Ed Sullivan. Daily Express / Photo Archive/ Getty Images The Beatles also headed south during their time in the USA. They flew to Miami where they worked on another episode of filming The Ed Sullivan Show. Though they could avoid the northeastern cold they could not get away from the crowds around Washigton and New York that had pursued them. They performed six songs on their second live TV appearance, before an audience of 2600 fans. And an estimated 70 million gathered around their home TV sets to watch as History reports. 18.

We spent a few days visiting Miami

5/5.018 5/5.018 on a beach in Miami Florida where the Beatles communicate with fans. Daily Express/ Archive Photos/ Getty Images Next: The band was welcomed back to London by a huge crowd. 19.

They were greeted by 10000 supporters as they returned from the U.S.

5/5.019 When The Beatles ended their journey to the U.S. and returned home, they arrived in London with a crowd of 10,000 fans “who embraced them as generals back from the war” History notes. “America’s ‘ American invasion ‘ as Walter Cronkite described it had begun in defeat.” Five songs from the Beatles appeared in the Billboard Hot 100. Our appearances on television set records in ratings. “The Beatles had walked onto the tarmac at JFK International Airport on February 7 as an oddity overseas but left as true superstars on February 22.” Next: This museum made models of The Beatles. 20.

By March at Madame Tussaud’s

5/5.020, they had wax figures, George Harrison tries out a pair of fake eyes made by Madame Tussaud. Keystone / Hulton Archive/ Getty Images Due to the sudden stardom of the Beatles, they were immediately in demand everywhere, including at Madame Tussaud’s London Wax Museum. In March the museum had the four band members made and revealed figures. They were the first pop group allegedly to have wax figures in the museum. And once the show was revealed The Beatles only stopped by posing with the figures for some photos. Next: This band’s logo was iconic. “21.

The Hair of the Beatles was famous

5/5.022 5/5.022 The Beatles are planning to play in a TV studio. Evening Standard / Hulton Archive / Getty Images When Beatlemania took over the world, extending its on-screen appearances from TV shows to films seemed only natural to the band. The Fab Four filmed lightning in a bottle in 1964: the Beatles and Beatlemania at their apogee with all the requisite screaming races and mop-top clowning.” The Times adds that “Elvis Presley had been turning out shoddy films at this stage for years. A Rough Day s Night may have been a cash grab, but it eventually turned out to be one of the 1960s’ best movies.” In 1965 Magical Mystery Tour followed in 1967 Yellow Submarine in 1968 and Let It Be in 1970. Next: This was recorded by the band too. 23. 23. We also recorded a memorable television special

5/5.023 5/5.023 appearance by Paul McCartney and George Harrison at a rehearsal for the TV show ‘ Round The Beatles ‘ Jim Gray / Keystone / Hulton Archive/ Getty Images In the spring of 1964, the Beatles filmed a memorable TV special called “Around the Beatles,” which was to be transmitted in the UK both. And in the United States. The band performed in two scenes for the series according to The Beatles Bible: a musical set and a parody of the classic play A Midsummer Night’s Dream of Shakespeare’s Act V Scene I. As the report states, “John Lennon Paul McCartney and George Harrison at the beginning of the show even mimed a trumpet fanfare and Ringo Starr appeared with a flag to launch a cannon ball.”

24. The band also performed Shakespeare

5/5.024 5/5.024 The Beatles rehears an extract from the ‘ A Midsummer Night’s Dream ‘ by Shakespeare. Jim Gray/ Keystone / Hulton Archive/ Getty Images Next: The Beatles traveled the world. 25.

They went on an official world tour

5/5.025 Seattle Pi states that the Beatles began an official world tour in August 1964 and Seattle was the third stop they couldn’t hide from their ever-present weeping fans. “Next: Here’s when Beatlemania peaked. 26.

As the Beatles grew up

5/5.027 5/5.027 British police hold back enthusiastic young Beatles fans, Beatlemania reached its peak. Stan Meagher / Express/ Getty Images The conversation states that “Between the 1964 release of ‘ I Want to Hold Your Hand ‘ on the Billboard Hot 100 and the Let It Be EP in 1970 the Liverpool Lads had a Number One hit for an average of one out of every six weeks and a best-selling album every third week.” Fans pushed new releases to the top of the charts — but not just because of that. “There is a reason why Beatlemania is characterized by young women’s hordes: the Beatles looked good,” notes the discussion. ”
Although the fans may at least drown the music with their shrieks they still had a sight to behold.” Next: Queen Elizabeth II gave this honor to the band.

5/5.028 5/5.028 Police are holding back a crowd of young fans outside Buckingham. Ted West / Central Press / Hulton Archive / Getty Images The Telegraph notes that’ The Fab Four were invested in the Queen’s Birthday Honors in 1965 after leading album charts around the world. ‘ When the band went to Buckingham Palace to receive the award police had to hold back fans at the gates of the palace. Interestingly enough, John Lennon later returned his medal writing to the queen in 1969 that “I am returning my MBE as a protest against the involvement of Britain in the Nigeria-Biafra thing against our support for America in Vietnam and against ‘ Cold Turkey ‘ slipping the charts down. With Love John Lennon.” Next: Rivals and partners were these two members of the band. 29. 29. John Lennon and Paul McCartney were friends and partners

5/5.029 5/5.029 During a tour of Europe, the Beatles relaxed in the buffet car of a train. | Keystone Features/ Getty Images The Atlantic notes that “the successful relationship between John Lennon and Paul McCartney demonstrates the genius of creative pairs.” Indeed, “John and Paul were so clearly more imaginative as a pair than as individuals, even though they often seemed to work in opposition to each other.” John wrote “Strawberry Fields Forever” in December 1966. The Beatles

5/5.030 5/5.030 The Beatles are celebrating the completion of ‘ Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. ‘ John Pratt/ Keystone/ Getty Images The Beatles: The Best Songs of All Time The Cheat Sheet on Facebook!


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