DiCaprio Hairstyles

Wavy Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles

While his hair is naturally straight, Leo is now and then known to wear a wavy hairstyle, mostly for different parts he has played in his films. Here’s one of those times you can see the actor with wavy locks and a side part.

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Messy Bangs Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles

Here’s another version you should do for yourself. These are messy s bangs that Leo used to wear in a light blonde shade. It’s this look of carelessness, confidence, and always having fun that made him a fun guy’s title to be around. ‘

Leonardo DiCaprio Titanic Hairstyle

Headband Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles

Headbands are needed for medium hair and long bangs. They’re great for going to the gym as well as day-to-day activities when you’re literally unable to bother your body.

Wispy Bangs Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles

We were not joking when we said that Leonardo DiCaprio likes bangs. Here’s another version of the fringe used to wear by the actor when he was young. It’s short, wispy bangs this time. Whether you find anything else, it’s because he doesn’t wear any hair gel for once.

Chestnut Brown Side Part

Mature Leonardo DiCaprioHairstyles

This is the Leo we all know today and love. It’s quite a change from all those’ school clown ‘ adolescent images of him we’ve seen so far with ruffled hairstyles. He likes to wear a side part with the top of his slender widow on the front these days. He’s no longer blonde, however.

Leonardo DiCaprioHaircut

The man bun of Leonardo DiCaprio with his new comb over / slicked back hair combination reflects elegance and sophistication. If you’re looking for a new haircut or beard theme, here’s Leo’s best hairstyles list.

Artistic Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles

The actor plays a layered and retro hairstyle in another of his parts. It is reminiscent of the people of the past centuries, a character he portrays so well in his career.

Gelled’s Look

Leo was always a fan of medium hairstyles, not shortening his hair, unless he was forced to do so by a role in a movie. Here he is back in the sporting the iconic’ wet look’ that can be achieved with the use of ample quantities of hair gel.

Juliet Hairstyle

Pompadour Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles

Indeed, even before it was cool, Leo had a pompadour. He also had a very early version of what we consider a pompadour today. Using some volumizing mousse to give it extra body, he used to brush all his front hair back. < p>


Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles

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Revolutionary Road Hairstyle

s Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles

Re He has brown chestnut hair that he used to dye when he was younger so that his baby’s blue eyes could be properly highlighted. It worked like a charm, and when they saw him on the big screen, the ladies actually swooned.


Back in the daytime, Leolooked like he might be in a full-on boy’s band despite his hot, blonde, gelled hairstyle. He would, of course, be the talented, sweet, and funny one, and Leo’s Direction would be called the band. Get it? Get it?

Middle part Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles

As a thumb rule for young Leo, he preferred it when it was shaggy. He used to wear his hair all the time in a medium cut and then mess it up with his hands to give it the look that we all know is safe and new.

Django UnchainedHairstyle

Aviator Haircut

Leonardo impersonated Howard Hughes in this critically acclaimed film. Thus, the super short and gelled haircut, complete with a hard part and, you guessed, aviator sunglasses, he also had to wear.

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eejpg Leonardo Dicaprio Formal Neat Hair

— the film which holds the record for the highest-grossing ($ million) film of all time in North America. face also looks smooth. -Men’s Fashion

Asymmetrical Bangs Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles

We’re back to the bangs business because they were a huge part of Leo’s styling life. These are his overly long, asymmetrical bangs which made him look a bit like a bad boy. Here are some more shaggy hairstylesfor you to try out.

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Heavy Bangs Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles

Leo was also always big on bangs. He doesn’t sport them anymore now, but he used to heavily back in the s and s. Here he is with a full-on set of heavy bangs that reach down to his eyebrows.

The Man Bun and Beard

Leo also had quite an extensive period when he sported this grizzly look which included long hair slicked back into a low man bun and a very big and bushy beard. The overall look fell nothing short of a disguise.

Elegant Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles

Here’s a hairstyle to copy if you have to go to a special event such as a wedding, a party or your prom. You know you will look good because it is Leo approved.

Leonardo DiCaprio Haircut

He had to suffer the consequences of freezing water, he was mauled by a bear, had a huge party with tons of raucous guests back in the s, and managed to scam about half the people in New York City. Still, his hair looked amazing through it all. We’re talking about Leonardo DiCaprio, of course, and his plethora of outstanding roles which helped him channel his styling game. These are Oscar worthy Leonardo DiCaprio hairstyles.

The Catch Me If You Can Haircut

We’re back to comb overs in this movie. Leo plays real-life Frank Abagnale, Jr. who managed to pretend and work as a lawyer, doctor, and co-pilot on an airline before he turned Tom Hanks plays Fbi agent Carl Hanratty, who chases the teenager as he schemes his way into millions of dollars.

Childhood Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles

We’ll end with this more than cute photo of baby Leo hugging a teddy. You can see that even back then he was sporting the same haircut that made him famous and an actual heartthrob later on.

The Great Gatsby Look

If you’re looking for hairstyling inspiration and your go-to is Leonardo DiCaprio, then you need to delve into his many characters. They are all iconic and have signature looks which you can copy and wear in your day-to-day life.

Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles with Spikes

The actor also went through a period in his life when he sported short, blonde hair with spikes. It was very brief as we’ve already established that he doesn’t like short haircuts. Still, he wore it so it’s important to mention it here, for your consideration.

The Volumized Comb Over

However, as he grew older and matured, Leo decided to go for more elegant hairstyles that represented his personality better now that he wasn’t a teenager anymore. This volumized comb over is a perfect example of the transition from boyhood to man.

The Revenant Hairstyle

Medium Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles

Medium and dark hairstyle make Leo look a little older and more severe. If you’re looking for this, you can also check it out. For a casual style that doesn’t need much maintenance, it’s fine.

Parted Bangs Leonardo DiCaprioHairstyles

Black tie activities doesn’t mean Leo didn’t bring his favorite bangs into the game. It’s the contrary. Back in the s, he used to split his hair down the middle and use extra hair gel when he did a big red carpet event.

Pre-Teen Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles

This is a very young, almost infantile Leo with a short, blonde comb over. Yeah, before it was even on, he was wearing the comb over, and it was totally rocking. Being a real star and a trendsetter is what it entails.

Blowout Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles

Although a conventional blowout usually involves a temple fade, we can let it go because it’s Leonardo DiCaprio we’re talking about, and find this one-of – a-kind blowout hairstyle too.

Shutter Island Hairstyle

Man in Iron Mask Hairstyle

Jack Dawson Hairstyles From Titanic

The diamond necklace known as the Heart of the Ocean plays an important role in the creation of the film. Jack Dawson is an unattached wanderer -year-old who makes a living through artistic endeavors, grafting, gambling, and pure luck. He meets Rose, a wealthy debutante who is committed to marrying someone of her own race, and a relationship is forming. Their that attachment grows as the doomed ship faces the icy fate more closely. The main character will die in the Atlantic waters, Rose will be saved and will make a life for herself.

hairstyle of Jack Dawson. In a no-nonsense fashion, the hair of the protagonist tends to be cut straight across. On the left side, the hair is separated and combed straight through to reach the top layer of the ear on the right. When it’s in this mode, there seems to be no control over his body. Everything looks wind-blown and very casual. Men’s

fashion Jack Dawson cut thairstyle away. A more formal look reveals the hair from his forehead and the sides of his head cut straight back. The look is still relaxed and only sporadically appears to be managed. The hair tends to fall on his face and forehead as he walks, where there is some breaking of strands into clumps. This is a low-maintenance model, but it’s not ideal for someone who wants good command. Curly locks are not going to work with style. It would need perfectly straight hair. The hairstyle of Jack Dawson is a retro look that is not fitting for formal events. The longer facial hair can become annoying. For a time and place, it’s a fashion, and it’s not one of the old ones.

Blood Diamond Hairstyle

Bronde Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles

It must not have been easy for the star to switch from blonde to dark brown after literally decades of blonde. Therefore, for one of his films, it was a process done in stages, with him even going through a brond cycle.

Wolf of Wall Street Hairstyle

Here’s an example where you can see the receding hairline of Leo as well as the peak of his widow. He had to dye his hair much darker for this part than he ever had and get a massive amount of tanning done. ‘

Gangs of New York Hairstyle


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Cool Leonardo DiCaprioHairstyles

Do youremember when Zayn Malik had that hair strand incident and the whole internet broke down? This is evidence that Leo did it first and looked the same, if not better than Zayn did.

Shaggy Teenage Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles

Although he’s been blonde for most of his life, his hairstyle has changed a bit as the star has matured over the years. He used to wear an age-friendly, shaggy and messy look when he was a teenager.

High and tight Short Crop

Leave it to Leo, as always, to wear a hairstyle ahead of time. This is a relatively short, high and tight haircut with a parting down the middle and the all-powerful bangs that we have now come to learn that Leo loved more than anything else.

Departed haircut

Layered Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles

A layered hairstyle is ideal for people with thinning hair and, as hard to believe as it is, Leo is now one of those guys. Receiving hairlines and hair loss are extremely common among men as well as part of the life cycle.

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