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David Siegel Net Worth 2020 and Career EducationGodswill Emmanuel January 9, 2020 Celebrity Profile

Born in 1935 May 3. He was born in Chicago, and raised to a Jewish family in Florida. He had grocery business with his parents Sadelle and Sid Siegel. Later, they moved to Miami. 1961 It was in March that Siegel married his ex-wife, Geraldine Florence Sanstrom, and from their marriage she got three children. The divorced, and his second wife BettyTucker later married. The two had moved to Orlando from Miami. They later split in 1997. He is at present married to Jackie Siegel, his wife. Siegel has a total of 11 children and two adopted children from all three of his marriages. His chidrens are Victoria Siegel, who died Jonquil Siegel Daniel Siegel Steven Siegel Drew Siegel Susan Siegel Deborah Siegel ValerieJordan and Quinto williams at the age of 18. Education

Siegel attended Miami Senior High School and then Miami University.

Career Siegel is the founder of Westgate resorts Ltd, a Florida time-share resort firm. He is also CEO of CFI Resort Management Inc and Central Florida Investments. Siegal also owns other businesses such as real estate retail, hotel management and apartment management. In the year 2000 the businessman was a George Bush activist. He also went ahead to give his workers a mail indicating that they should vote for Republican candidate Mitt Romney, or that he might cut back on the staff of his organization. Siegel’s increased salaries for its workers to $10 an hour in 2015. The main subject of the documentary The Queen of Versailles was David Siegel and Jackie Siegel the sole owners of the Versailles mansion and Westgate Resorts. It’s Lauren Greenfield’s film. It shows how the family is trying to build the mansion in Versailles considering the economy in the USA. This was because a defamatory description of the film. The judge did not call the testament to Siegel credible. There was a second case against the Queen of Versailles movie makers but the judge also dismissed it. The Movie Queen of Versailles is a documentary that has won awards. Also Siegel is the founder of Mystery Fun House. The house in Orlando Florida was opened from 1976 to 2001. The house built and included various kinds of fun things like a dinosaur-themed mini golf arcade, and a laser tag facility. A video, called the Night Terror, was also filmed in the Mystery Fun House.

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