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Dave Hester is an American buyer of an actor and a professional auctioneer storage unit. Since 2010, Hester has been known for his roles in the Storage Wars AE Network Reality TV series. Nicknamed as The Mogul, he is one of the reality show’s richest personalities and has a net worth of about $4 million. Get reports of the net salary income of Dave Hester and other information.

Dave Hester has been one of the veteran casts of the Storage Wars reality show since its debut on 1 December 2010. His expertise as a buyer and auctioner storgae unit has earned him a large sum over the years. An estimated net worth of about $4 million as of May 2019, according to Celebrity Net Worth Hester. While his fortune is believed by other online s to be $3 million. Figure 1 Dave Hester owns a net worth of $4 million Well his net worth is often compared to other reality stars like Tanked cast Brett Raymer ($5 million) and Atlanta cast Kim Zolciak’s Real Housewives.

Career Analysis Pay

His catch phrase Yuuup is popular! Due to his two shops based in the California Consignment Gallery and Rag to the Riches thrift store, Hester ended up in the show in 2010. Figure 2 Dave Hester, famous for Storage Wars, has been on display for ten seasons since 2010 (missed 4th Season) In an auction he got his hands on a $750 Jack Wilkinson Smith painting The Golden Pool. He later sold the painting in a strong $155,000 sum.

In 2013, he received $30 million

Salary For Storage Wars

In addition, in 2013, he paid about $650,000 for 26 episodes of Storage Wars season 3. In turn, he has signed a contract for $25,000 per season with the Storage Wars TV series. A reported that his annual salary was about $829,500, including $2500 in travel expenses and $124,000 in miscellaneous expenses.

He owns two houses Worth $500,000 $180,000

With Dave Hester’s net worth of $4 million, the United States lives a gorgeous life in Westminster California. Figure 3 Dave Hester’s lavish house

He owns a Cadillac Worth $75000-$94000

He still seems to enjoy luxury cars that he now owns a Cadillac with a $75000-$94000 price range. He still has to report all other tax and insurance payments on properties and his so-called charity activities. He is organizing some of his Auction house’s charity and special events. Dave Hester’s Personal Life: Age Married Wife Children Height Weight

Dave Hester was born on July 23, 1964 at Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base near the United States Oceanside California. He is of white ethnicity and holds American nationality. Figure 4 A married man is Dave Hester. He’s married to Donna Hester, his aunt. The couple are blessed with a child; son Dave Hester Jr. As of May 2019 Hester is 54 years old and weights around 80 kilograms (176.37 lbs) at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (175 cm). Edited by Binish Tamang Dave Hester Reality Star American Millionaire Celebrity

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