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Published Thursday 14 November 2019 Thursday 14 November 2019 Details of Daniel John Gregory

Full Name Daniel John Gregory First NameMiddle Name John Last Name Gregory Birth Name Businessman Nationality American EthnicityBirth Country The Usa Father Name Edward R. Gregory Father Profession Married How many kids has Daniel John Gregory? Who married Daniel John Gregory? Martha MacCallum In marriage to Daniel John Gregory? 1992 What’s Daniel John Gregory’s Height?

Now, 56 year old businessman Daniel is married to Martha MacCallum. She is a news anchor for Fox News as well as the host of The Story with Martha MacCallum where she worked alongside Lauren Fox and Jillian Mele. Similarly she is best known for interviewing high-profile celebrities such as PresidentBarack Obama SenatorJohn McCainand Christy among others. The other two married for several years on 22 August 1992after dating. Their marriage ceremony took place in St. Elizabeths Church in New Jersey’s Upper Montclair, attended by friends and well-known personalities. There was a rumor of their divorce a couple of years after their marriage and it was believed she was dating her co-anchorBill Hemmer. Nevertheless the tales turn out to be false as the pair nevertheless shares a great bond.

Daniel shares three children with his wife Martha from her marital relationship. Their children’s names are Harry MacCallum Gregory Edward Reed Gregory and a daughter Elisabeth Bowes. Elizabeth is currently studying at Villanova University.

How much of a Net Worth is Daniel John Gregory? The net worth of Daniel is estimated at approximately $1 million in 2019. His principal income is Gregory Packaging Incorporation, which his father created. On the other hand, the net worth of his wife Martha MacCallum is 2019’s $8 Billion. Through her successful career she earned this lucrative sum of money as host and news anchor. As percelebritynetworth her annual income per year is $700 Million working for Fox News.

Professional Career of Daniel John Gregory

He currently serves as vice-president of the company spreading throughout New Jersey Arizona and Georgia. Stay tuned with Us: MarriedCelebTo Know More