Curly, Faux-Hawk vs random haircuts


> Curly, Faux-Hawk, Mullet, & amp Taper Haircuts

are known for their fabulous enthusiasm and flashy footwork. A solid physique, genuine soccer talent coupled with a beautiful smile, a youthful disposition, a multitude of hairstyles–all of which rendered Christiano Ronaldo a heartthrob of many.

World Cup, he was showered with several honors including Pfa Player of the Year. In addition to his sporting success, the Portuguese lad was also noted in the fashion world for his frequently changing and trendy looks. And iron hairdo goes well with his oval cut face.

> Burst Fade

Burst fade haircuts are similar to traditional fades, but with a twist: the fade is angled along the sides and back of the head, which helps to label the style.

People who are interested in a mohawk but don’t want shaved sides have noticed that the burst fade taper is a trendy look that fits well with a number of styles. These cool haircuts compliment the longer hair on top.

or even a mullet hairstyle. Due to its unique finish, the burst taper will certainly help you change your look and get a new hairstyle. The low burst fade style, simple to get and trendy, is a short cut that doesn’t reveal too much of the sides and back. For this reason, if you want a business professional hairstyle, it’s a good way to cut your hair.

If you like the concept of a burst taper but want a toned-down, clean-cut style, a good compromise is the low burst fade.


/ Wavy Regulation Cut The regulation cut was made into a military cut because of its respectable look and easy-to-maintain nature. Natural curls shake this traditional look up, giving it an unexpected twist, while preserving its respectable characteristics.

/ Casual Top with Uneven Fringes “Man bangs” bring up mental images of Chris Farley in Tommy Boy, but they really don’t have to be so…goofy. The choppy layers of this casual top with uneven fringe is a hip way to style hair. To prevent “fat guy in a little coat” jokes, it is essential to keep most of the length at the top, while cleaning up the sides.

/ Less Chopped High Volume Hair Let those waves run loose and free with this high-volume haircut. The sides are swept back, and curls are tousled and messy. Curl activating creams and lotions add moisture to prevent hair from frizzing and give structure to what would normally be a disheveled look.

/ Wavy Textured Burst Fade Wavy hair can be refined with a burst fade. Hair is tapered on the sides behind the ear and left a bit longer in the back.

/ Wavy Top with Fancy Burst For those looking for something a bit different, the burst in this burst fade is given energy with the line pattern carved down the sides. It is a polished way to look funky and fearless.

/ Side Pushed Quiff The side pushed quiff suits square and angular faces especially well. The rounded sides of this hairstyle give balance to the sharpness found in angular faces. Blow-drying hair is an essential step to creating this style. Natural waves give the volume that is needed but adding a sea-salt mist or volumizing product also helps when styling.

/ High Volume Wavy Top with Temple Fade A temple fade is an excellent style for those who are new to fades. As the name suggests, the fade focuses around the temples, while the back and sides are left groomed, but a little bit longer. Here, volume is built on top to give the illusion of a lifted face.

/ Blonde Push Back Pushing hair out of the face is not only comfortable and convenient, but also sleek and fierce. The shiny blonde hair catches light in a way that emphasizes the waves. The warmer bronde (blondebrunette) tone combines the warming benefits of darker hair with the brightening effects of lighter hair.

/ Short Waves with Temple Taper This is a young and fun haircut that celebrates youth. Keeping the sides clean and the temples tapered makes the look smart but personable.

/ Curly Fringes with Taper For those who don’t want to spend hours blow-drying hair, this style looks best when the natural curls are allowed to do what they want. An anti-frizz serum or oil is essential to prevent the hair from puffing up. This haircut is an easy style for face shapes that need height and movement on top.

/ Wavy Top with Clear Taper Fade Because hair is naturally thinner on top of the head, the taper fade is a good way to take the weight away from the bottom half of a head while giving the top a fuller appearance. This cut grows out nicely and is especially good for those with a rounder face shape, as it elongates the face.

/ Broken Wavy Quiff with Subtle Hairline We’ve all seen the wild line designs that some very talented barbers have created. For those who want to dabble in the art of line detailing without committing to a full masterpiece, this subtle line art is a fresh and simple way to step outside of the norm. The clean line carved into the side of the hair is matched with a clean and sharp hairline, giving the casual messy top some structure.

/ Short Length Wavy Top Maybe one of the easiest styles to handle, this low maintenance hair cut makes it as easy is a blotting the hair with a towel after a shower. To prevent the hair from frizzing, a blotting motion is advised over rubbing the hair dry.

/ Tapered Side with Shaved Temple This cut looks great with a well-groomed beard. The harsh separation between hair and beard is a welcomed update to the traditional cut and can make beards look fresh and stylish.

/ Wavy Widow’s Peak with Temple Taper When done the right way, a widow’s peak on wavy hair can give an interesting shape to the face while interrupting a prominent forehead. The blunt lines of the peak contrasts with the curved texture of wavy hair and breaks the monotony of a standard quiff.

/ Casual Side Brushed Taper Choppy layers up top are styled in a purposefully chaotic way. This cut brings volume to the top of the head without looking too strong and stocky.

/ Winged Wavy Quiff For the bold and daring, this winged wavy quiff is a more manageable and less severe take on the statement haircut made popular by A Flock of Seagulls. The best part of this style is that the cut is done similarly to the side pushed quiff and can be worn in many different ways on days where you don’t feel like singing “Space Age Love Song”.

/ Drop Faded with Messy Top If you have just one minute to get from out-of-the-shower to out-of-the-door, pat your hair with a towel to prevent any water from dripping down your forehead, grab some pomade or gel, and piece it through your waves. Most pomades have a bit of a gloss to it to give your waves a wet, messy look. To get a glossy look, use a curl-defining gel. For something more natural, try a matte pomade.

/ Messy Waves with Shaved Neckline The mullet is known as the ultimate “business in front, party in back” hairdo, but this cut, with its discernible waves and shaved neckline, might be a more socially acceptable alternative. The cuts in the back add personality to what would otherwise be a pretty normal haircut and makes for a stylish surprise as you’re walking away.

/ High Volume Top with Subtle Low Fade

/ Wavy Brush Up with Taper Fade

/ Wavy Texture with Clear Low Fade

/ Short Waves Mixed with Undercut Taper Fade

/ Curled Brush Up with Highlighted Strands

/ Shortly Waved with Low Taper

/ Short Waved with Long Top

/ Semi Wavy Top with Low Key Line Up

/ Wavy Quiff with Longer Top

/ Wake Up Texture

/ Messy High Volume Top

/ Messy Blob with Tapered Side

/ Wavy Top with Tapered Line Up

/ Sharky Line Up

/ Wavy Texture with Beard Blend Temple

to complement their flexible texture.


/ Slicked Back years, with the invention of pomade and other styling products the slicked back trend is back with full force. The key component for a good slicked back hair is the placement. The way you stylize it can make it go from serious to casual in a simple careless touch. starting at the forehead, with your hair still humid, gently pull your hair back and finish the movement at the crown (just above your neck, where your hair ends), making sure that you coat your hair with a suitable good pomade in the process. The best part about having a slicked back cut is that you are pretty much allowed to shape the slick as you wish, so you can turn it from a more of a formal cut into a modern edgy cut in just a couple of moves. Hot blow drying for additional fixation is recommended. Avoid doing this in fully-dried hair.

/ Straight Shag The shag is a timeless haircut. It’s perfect for those who can’t find the time to style their hair every morning — or those who simply don’t care. It’s a refreshing, young look that will always have a place in our hearts.

/ Blonde Ivy League This clean Ivy League haircut is an excellent choice for blonde guys who need something formal and low-maintenance. It’s super tidy, easy to style, and always works.

/ Chord Overstreet’s Mop Top Some might call the mop top a throwback to the s. Whatever your associations are with this style, it’s definitely a youthful, free-spirited look. Like the shag, it’s easy to get and easy to maintain.

/ Angular Fringe with Skin Fade Fringe haircuts have been around since the Roman times. This particular blonde look features plenty of messiness on top, for a unique, handsome look.

/ Brushed Back Ah, the brushed back. If you’re looking for a mid-length style that blends elegance with extravagance, this might be it. Wear it up or wear it down — your choice.

/ Slited And Simple Top This short, angular top will keep your head cool throughout the summer. It’s definitely a hipsterish look, but there’s something slightly futuristic about it…

/ Taper Faded Undercut Here’s an easy, curly undercut with short, tapered sides. This popular look works for anyone, anytime, and anywhere. Of course, the facial hair is up to you!

/ Blonde Hair with Skin fade This wavy, blonde undercut features brilliant contrast. Not only is there the light and dark contrast of the highlights, there’s the long and short contrast of the undercut.

/ Messy French Crop with Tapered Sides We like the French crop not only because it’s so easy, but also because it has a unique manliness to it. This crop is nothing remarkable but really does look the part.

/ Layered Taper with Bust Fade This pompadour is matched with a layered taper on the sides. Overall, this creates a cool, manly look for guys of all face shapes and hair colors — including blonde.

/ Brushed Up Quiff This blonde quiff is an easy look for anyone. With mid-length sides and slightly long hair on top, you’ll have plenty of freedom to style this cut however you please.

/ Shorter Surfer Style Want to look like a surfer? You’re already halfway there with your blonde hair (giving that sun-bleached look) now just curl it up like in this awesome style.

/ Side Swept Disconnected Undercut Extra long on one side and nice and short on the other — with a part down the middle. That pretty much describes this light blonde look in one sentence.

/ High Skin Fade This clean-shave high fade is an awesome look. The rugged, messy top hair is kept short for low-maintenance, leaving a stylish yet respectable look.

/ Dirty Blonde Quiff What’s wrong with a simple quiff? Absolutely nothing. This tidy style looks great and is nice and easy to maintain.

/ Irregular Blonde Caesar This long, wispy Caesar cut works great in blonde. And for some reason, it seems like the kind of style only big, jacked guys would sports.

/ Surfer Messy Hairstyle Perhaps a little less blonde than the others on this list, this messy surfer look will actually take a bit of perfecting to get right!

/ Pomp and Fade Blonde An undercut like this could find its way into any guy’s wardrobe. The quiff is hard not to love, and the short sides make it tidy and practical.

/ Brush Up Taper Fade Here’s another variation on the undercut, this time with a brushed-up top. This style really is hard to beat, especially for blonde guys.

/ Perfect Angular Fringe This look is another example of an angular blonde fringe. We love how the long top hair is carefully combed forwards. The stark contrast between the top and the sides is a cool touch, too.


World Class Football Star, Ronaldo, enjoys hairstyle experiments. In many of the short styles he likes, his natural good looks and healthy hair looks good. You can start by reviewing the pictures above if you want to know how to get your hair like Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo has several short curly look variants. You must start with completely clean hair in each of these versions. Towel dry the hair, then use a cream / fiber / gel treatment of good quality. Few recommended items for styling are shown below. The serum should be applied all over the body. Cristiano often selects an upswept look with mullet elements. Also seen was the soccer player wearing a fauxhawk mullet. A lightened hair on the head’s crown can add to dark hair an odd aspect. There’s one more area besides foodball in which Cristiano Ronaldo has few competitors–his looks. And his hair is a big part of that. Here are the haircut suggestions of Cristiano Ronaldo that will inspire you to look just as good as Cr.

> Superman Cristiano RonaldoHaircut

Cristiano, when he was a little younger, gave this one of a kind Superman hairstyle. Note the remnants of a vestigial mullet falling on his forehead, as well as the tiny braid in the back of his head, we assume.

> < a id=fauxhawk Cristiano Ronaldo Fauxhawk-Mullet Hairstyle

Cristiano Ronaldo’s fashionable fauxhawk-mullet hairstyle. Cristiano Ronaldo’s cool fohawk Ronaldo faux-hawk mullet Ronaldo faux-hawk mullet style

> Classic–Short Mohawk, Forward Swept Sides, and Mullet

We spoke extremely well about how Ronaldo rocks all mohawks and fake hawks, but what about a mini mohawk? In short, this is a mohawk’s shorter and more’ wearable’ version, characterized by combing and gelling in the center of your hair.

> Fanned Spikes and Short Mullet

You can try this alternative if you’re not in the rigid look that comes with most spiky haircuts. Go for a fanned approach instead of spiking your hair directly upwards. Your look will be toned down, making it more elegant.

/ Blonde Faux Hawk If you want a blonde hairstyle with plenty of volumes, the faux hawk is one of our favorites. It’s not too in-your-face, but it does make the most of mid-length top hair.

/ Blonde Pompadour This clean pompadour is simple in principle, but very hard to get right in practice. With that said, the end result is absolutely worth it if you need a blonde cut that will stand out for all the right reasons.

/ Tousled Top with Low Volume Sides The messy, tousled top in this hairstyle contrasts against the short sides for a definitively masculine look. The facial hair is, no doubt, a bonus!

/ Blonde Quiff with Cowlick d some flair to a plain old undercut by introducing a cowlick. This style, with its messy cowlick at the back, is one of our favorites on the list.

/ Mullet Hairstyle with Faded Sides Looking for something old-school? The mullet works in blonde if that’s what you’re into. Just add sunglasses and facial hair for this classic American style.

/ Brushed up Quiff Here’s another mop top (we had one at the start of this gallery), but you can see that it’s been tidied up a little. Not an easy style to get right!

/ Blonde Mop Top

/ Messy Surfer Hairstyle

/ Side Swept Short Fringe

/ Swagger Hairstyle

/ Modern Quiff

/ Gold Blonde Air Brushed

/ Short and Messy Justin

/ Blonde Ivy League

/ Undercut with Wavy Stranded Dyed Top

/ Blonde Undercut

/ Simple Blonde Push Back with Tapered Sides

/ Platinum Texture Brushed

/ Confident Brushed Up Top with Faded Sides

/ Angular Fringe with Taper Fade

/ Wavy Top with Hard Part

/ Disconnected Skin Fade Pompadour

/ Messy Brush Up with Taper

/ Crew Cut

/ Undercut and Brush-Up

/ Brush Up Top with Mid Fade

Selected Haircuts for Guys With Round Faces

/ Trendy Irregular French Crop The French crop is one of the best texture types to incorporate. Just a few light strands on top will take this haircut to a different level.

/ Skin Faded Undercut This is another French crop turn. With a thick fringe on top, under-cut real short on the f you need something a little more reserved, your French crop can be slightly less French crop and slightly longer top, short on the sides!Nonetheless, it’s the texture that makes the look so sweet.

/ Hard Line Undercut As with any hairstyle, you can create contrast lines and partitions and stand out from the crowd. Here’s how a French plant looks.

/Very Subtle Front with Tapered Line Up If you look at all the French crops on this list, you’ll notice that there are plenty of ways to get closer to the top of your head. Let that grow dense and that’s the look you’re going to get.

/Disconnected Undercut with Modern Textured Crop Another French crop disconnected but with texture boundaries added to the top. Some tufts go up, some go side by side, some go down. It’s messy and that is something we love. ‘

/No Frills French plant This is not much of a French crop variety. It’s just a simple old French plant. But it still looks cool, isn’t it?

/ Blonde Angular Fringes with Fade Let’s say you’re a free spirit, and you want to express that you get a French crop through your hair, keep the top short, and add lots of spikes!

/Light Spikes French Crop Leave the top hair on your French crop nice and long, and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to create new styles instantly if you get bored. Apply spikes to the back for this style, not the front.

/Modern French Fade Crop The French crop is as old as, if not older than, the Roman times. Why not combine your crop with a faded undercut to make it more traditional, like this?

/Wavy French Crop with Burst Fade Embrace and curl your wavy hair. That’s what this gentleman did to his hairstyle French crop. Definitely worthy of some praise is the natural look that results.

/Longer Textured Crop As another basic variation on the French crop, increase the hair to about centimeters or centimeters before closing the sides.

/ Side Styled Short Front Fringe It is not always important to trim the sides of your French crop right down to the neck. There, on the sides a little length plus the tiny front tuft is what separates this design from the rest.

/French Crop ‘

/Fresh and Fast French Crop’

/Casual French Crop with Mullet ‘

/Hulk Highlights and Hard Line Design’

/Sharp Fade’

/Dyed French Crop and High Fade, Yes Please’

/Laid Back Spiky Texture’

/Uneven Enter the latest hair trend for men, the crop textured. This new men’s hairstyle is a way out of all the revamped retro looks we’ve seen. This almost messy style is modern, cool and easy to style with texture layering and forward fringe. It’s also a great summer look that works well from the beach to the club anywhere. This hairstyle works even better for all hair types. This lightens thick hair, adds fine hair texture and wave or curl shows. The cut can be worked in different ways, but consider using a sea salt spray for separation and a matt, pliable material such as Adh Dry for keeping and classification for texture. Check out these photos now for ways to rock one of men’s best new hairstyles.