Cryaotic Net Worth 2020 Career and RelationshipImo Nyong January 13 Net Worth 2020 – Cryaotic is a long-established YouTube star. He was popular for his gaming videos as well as his storytelling skills.

in addition to having worked on various things with a variety of other social media stars on both YouTube and Twitch. Even though he remains largely unknown here, there are things he will know about him.

Net Worth


Cryaotic is a man of many sides who has long prospered as a mystery to many. However much has been learned about him due to his handles and videos on social media. Often known as ChaoticMonki or simply as Cry, he was born in New York on 11 June 1989. He had been born in New York with two other brothers. Although not much is known about his upbringing, it was pointedout that he had a hard time growing up because when Cry and his siblings were still very young his father walked out on the family, and as such his mother had to raise them all alone. Though many people have tried to reveal his name and face, he has kept it jealously guarded only for those who are very close to him. That may allow us to wait a little longer to know his real name and see his face.


His YouTube videos and great storytelling skills made Cryaotic very famous. He launched the channel in 2006 and already had accumulated huge subscribers of nearly 3 million by the second half of 2018.



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