Craig Brewer – Biography of Craig Brewer

Craig brewer was born on December 6, 1971 in Memphis (Tennessee), in the United States. The son of two ex-hippies seeking to leave their southern roots behind, the family changed residence several times, first living in Virginia, then moving to Chicago and settling in Vallejo Calfornia.

There Craig, who was in the last years of high school, reached an agreement with his father, director, for the time, of an important shipping company. The young man had always liked to write plays and, needing money for his vacations and gas for the car, he agreed with his father that he would pay him in exchange for writing and directing a play at his high school. It didn’t seem like a bad deal but her father didn’t make it easy for her. Craig he had to work on a schedule and hand in drafts that his father then corrected and returned with comments. The result was his first work that bore the title of “Parallax of Innocence”.

The following year he wrote “Crusade of the Children“and a year later, in his last year of high school,“To the Edge of the Earth”; all of them were staged at his school. Craig He remembers those three years of writing and directing in high school as “very productive,” thanks to the system devised by his father, who passed away at age 49 of a heart attack.

His first cinematographic work was the feature film “The Poor and Hungry“(2000), which he himself wrote, directed and produced with a budget of $ 20,000. In the following years he wrote the scripts for the films”Pressure“(2002) and”Water’s edge“(2003); he also directed and produced some short films.

In 2005 he had his first hit with “Hustle & Flow“, a drama that featured performances by Terrence howard, Ludacris Y Anthony Anderson, what Brewer wrote and directed. The film won the Audience Award at that year’s Sundance Film Festival and, in addition to other awards and nominations, it also won the Oscar for best original song.

His career continued with “Black Snake Moan“(2006), whose protagonists were Christina Ricci, Samuel L. Jackson Y Justin timberlake, filmed in the city of Memphis, like most of his films.

His last released work is the remake of the 1984 classic, “Footloose“, which launched the actor to fame Kevin bacon. Released with the same name, “Footloose (2011)“, featured a cast headed by Kenny Wormald, Julianne Hough, Dennis Quaid Y Andie macdowell.

Brewer He is also the creator, producer and director of the MTV television series, “$ 5 Cover“, which follows the lives of different musicians in the city of Memphis.

Among his next projects Craig will write and direct an adaptation of the classic “Tarzan“for Warner Bros, in addition to other projects that are still in the preliminary stages of preparation.