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.016 Vulnerability in Philips Hue Lamps may lead to Network Attacks. Corellium accuses Apple of benefiting from cloning apps from jailbreaks and removing the vulnerabilities. The entire jailbreaking and virtualization ecosystem could adjust according to the court’s decision on this. Apple filed a lawsuit break back in August and is now charging Corellium with promoting jailbreaking. It is worth mentioning that the Corellium developer Chris Wade is also the maker of the common exploits of “JailbreakMe” and “TotallyNotSpyware,” which concern older versions of iOs that are no longer supported. Amid this development in the legal battle Amanda Gorton, who is the Corellium Ceo, has issued an official statement on the matter. Gorton fights back by accusing Apple of directly benefiting from the entire jail-breaking ecosystem as thousands of competent researchers and developers use these devices to test their own or third-party apps and thereby plug any process vulnerabilities in. If jailbreaking wasn’t something Apple and its consumers would never get harmed by this helpful practice. Apparently, Apple will trade those advantages to see jailbreaks vanish in a moment. The tech giant doesn’t like people finding ways to unlock their computers, and doing anything to stop them. Extending the litigation against Corellium as Dmca breach cases to include all jailbreaks is representative of that strategy. The litigation is still pending and the trial in Florida’s Southern District is the one named to do the unscrambling.