Cool Twist Hairstyles

Would you want to wear your hair curly wavy? Well, it’s time for some twists! Twist hair> flat twists plated like cornrows near the scalp) There are also kinky twists from Senegalese Havana twists Marley.

Lovely Twist 2019 Rock Hairstyles

Which size and type of twists to choose from? How do you fashion your twists? Looking through our image gallery, you’ll get your bearings on this subject.

Chunky Flat Twist Bun

This twisted natural hair updo allows you to look formal while protecting your strands from heat damage and over-styling. For extra fun, consider weaving for an illuminated effect in different color extensions.

Versatile Braids and Twists

Instead of a traditional two-strand twist style, add braids to enhance your look. For those who want a long-lasting option, cornrows are a good choice. Like a Mohawk or bun, the long twists also provide versatility for different updos.

Bangs flat twists

Many African-American women use braids and twists as a form of defense. It is therefore critical that many of the styles are flexible without damage. Protective hairstyles do not have actual bangs, but thinner braids above the forehead can be used as such for diversity and added flirty flair.

Half Updo with Shoulder-Length Twists

A popular hairstyle half-up bun. Try it with twisted hair if you are looking for a fun take on the theme. To accessorize a few random twists with beads to make more of a statement. The beads around her face are also helping to emphasize her smile.

Asymmetrical Flat Twist Updo

We also think of multiple thin twists when we learn of twists. We can’t forget about big choices, though. Often called a flat twist, this hair twist is a simple yet elegant defensive hairstyle that you can easily do in the morning.

Brown and Black Twists with Beads

A one-color twisted hairstyle is all right, but you can get a very dramatic look when you start mixing different colors. You don’t even have to choose shades of the rainbow. For a classy look, this look combines brown twists with black ones below.

Burgundy Senegalese Twists over One Shoulder

Look at these amazing twists of bourgogne. Over one shoulder, her hair was raked. Then some locks are twisted to form a loose side twist around themselves. Simply tie them with a hair elastic, it’s a great alternative.

Half Up Twists with Bun

If you’re wondering how to style your twists you’re lucky because it’s very easy to recreate this hairstyle. Add a few beads to pieces around your face once you have your hair in thick twists. Then take your hair’s front parts and loop them around to form a bun close to your hairline. Safe with pins from the bobby.

Flat Twist Updo

This look does not have a bad angle. The back of the head has angled flat twist braids that turn into long single twists. On top of the head, the twists are then scooped and wrapped in a bun.

Long and Thick Twists

Black twists work in a wide variety of hairstyles but sometimes it is nice to just keep them simple so you can appreciate them. This long hairstyle shows perfectly how the twists spin around and cascade down the shoulders.

Micro Twists with Kinky Ends

It is definitely worth trying out different twist hairstyles with thin strand twists. Here the tiny twists of the blonde are raked off her face and tied in a half updo. For some variation of texture, the ends of braids are twisted.

Medium Rope Twists in a Half-Up Ponytail

You just have to look at her face quickly to see her hairstyle exciting. Her hair was made of silky loops. The bits are tied to a high ponytail, and all you see is her stunning facial characteristics.

Brown Twisted Hairstyle

Expertly combining color and texture, this is a protective hairstyle. The blend of brown blonde and black hair shows off the twists and curly finish. The half updo is also a great choice for girls who want their hair off their faces absolutely.

Thick Mid-Length Twists

Try twisting hairstyles with very thick black twists for a bold look. In this mid-length hairstyle, you can really see the elegant braiding because of how large each individual lock is. If you’re wondering which hair it’s a good option to use for something like this synthetic hair or silky braiding hair.

Tied Black Twists with Red Accents

As far as hair color is concerned, treat your twists in the same way as any other hair style. If you’re a fan of beauty work that’s illustrated in your warped work. The deep red hairstyle of this Marley twist pops up against the black.

High Twist Bun

Whether you’re wearing twists up or down, they’re just going to look good. When you go for longer twists as she took advantage of the extra length by wrapping your locks around the top of your head to make a bold big bun. Leave the lower half of untied strands to form a half up.

Colored Twisted Hair

Two strand twist hairstyles work for anyone who is a fan of a subtle look or a comment. If you fall into the second category, in this style with shaved sides, you’ll like to add a bright pink-red hair color. ‘

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‘ Pompadour Twists with Beads’

‘ Twisted hairstyles can take the shape of fabulous sculptural updos. It is a worthy example of this asymmetrical pompadour. The mix of black and maroon twists makes it possible to appreciate even more the shape of the updo hairstyle. The beads of gold add the right amount of brightness.

Medium twists in a high ponytail

Take off your face by securing it in a high twisted ponytail. You will be able to fully appreciate the longer length of your hair and enjoy a more refined look that shows off your perfect make-up as well.

Dark Twisted Braids with A Blue Accent

There are so many different versions of twist styles but this long one will give a lasting impression thanks to a single eye-catching blue stripe against black twisted hair. For women who want to add a colorful accent to their hair, this is one of those styles.

Sweeping Twist Faux Hawk

It’s a twisted hairstyle for you to call all false hawk fans. In order to form a braided mohawk, medium cornrows extend into twists. It’s an edgy look, but it’s surprisingly elegant compared to some of the faux hawk’s punk versions.

Red and Black Twists

Burgundy and black for those who don’t want monotonous twists. It’s like twisted hair balayage sweet and much more interesting than a solid color.

Ash Blonde Twist Buns

Twist designs that don’t attempt to make extended hair look like these are bold and appealing to your own locks. Even though when you look at the picture of this hairstyle you clearly see where the hair is attached, do you know it’s not a brilliant choice? ‘

High Bun with Braids

Similar to the chunky goddess braids for a quick and polished hairdo. It’s a more casual look than a flat twist updo and it’s perfect for a holiday or weekend.

Chunky Marley Twists

If you’re tired of rocking 90’s inspired Poetic Justice braids marley twists are a worthy choice.

Updo with Statement Chunky Braids

One of the benefits of large twist hair styles for natural hair is that they are not as time consuming as smaller styles. This braided updo is an ideal option if you want to wear a statement style for some time, but don’t have many extra free moments.

Loose Twisted Style with Curls

Beautiful ringlets at the ends of your twists are an easy way to customize your style and add a romantic note to it. Just put your twists on roller rods and dip the ends into a hot water bath. The result is the two-strand curl twists and the best part is you don’t have to worry about falling flat or frizzing!

Two-Tone Kinky Twists

Kinky twists look more natural than some of the other styles shown here, although most of them are made of weaving. You can also add an authentic flow in loose waves.

Quick Natural Twist Hairstyle

As previously stated, a simple flat-twist updo is a perfect way to create a pulled look with relatively little effort. Although many twisted styles with extensions can take between hours to complete this high-bun in less than an hour.

Swirl update

Try a top roll for a fun alternative to a Mohawk or a high ponytail. It’s a funky and trendy flat twist hairstyle in any setting that you’ll be able to rock.

Curled Ends Jet-Black Twists

Put a nice spin on your Marley twists and curl the ends. When you need to dress it up for a special occasion, it is a perfect way to change the overall look of your twisted hair.

Kinky Twist Updo with Looped Bang

Kinky twists are ideal for women who want a natural-looking style without the additional length of Marley twiststhey are usually chin or shoulder length. With your two-twist hairstyle like the bang above, the medium length allows you to easily create a variety of quick updos.

Sweet Cinnamon Twists

African-American cinnamon twists may be a tasty dessert, but they also make a beautiful hairstyle. Mini-twists give you plenty of flexibility to build styles like a bun updo jumbo. For double strength, you can even braid your twists.

Medium Side Twisted Ponytail

While high ponytails and buns are fun, a low-sided ponytail appears more elegant and formal. Adding your style with more texture and visual interest in a rolled detail.

Our review eloquently shows that although all twists are made according to the same simple principle, you may come up with an individual and exquisite twist hairstyle. So in 2019, have you picked up some kind of twists to rock? Currently Popular Short Natural Haircuts for Black Women Super Hot Cornrow Braid Hair Cute and Creative Ideas for Short Faux Locs Playful Ways to Wear Yarn Dreads Hair Cuts and Styles Stay Connected Be inspired by hair style. No matter what your hair type is, we can help you find the right hairstyles The Right Hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu HomeHair TypeStraight