Concha Cuetos – Biography of Concha Cuetos

Concha Cuetos was born on January 17, 1944 in Madrid. His father worked as director of Radio Tangier, so he spent his childhood in that city.

Her professional debut came on television when the actress was only 17 years old. It was in 1961, in the program “Scale in Hi-Fi“, Which was followed by other works, such as his participation in some episodes of the Narciso Ibáñez Serrador series”Stories to not sleep” Y “Behind the closed door”.

During this decade she was seen in a large number of plays and dramatic spaces, such as “Study 1“,”Brief theater“,”I have a book in my hands“,”The little comedy“Or”The twelve faces of John”.

In the 70s his participation in this medium was more widely spaced, and he collaborated in programs such as “Hour eleven“,”Through the darkness“Or”Stories of Juan Español.

The 80s are a better time for Concha, since during this decade she works on two series of great success on television. In 1982 he was offered a supporting role in “Blue summer”, Where it represents the mother of one of the girls. And in 1986 he starred, along with Alfredo Landa, in another of the series that has been most successful on the small screen of our country, “Sadness of love”, A dramatic story that tells the lives of various radio professionals. From this decade also highlights “Don Baldomero and his people”, In which he acted alongside Luis Escobar.

In 1991 Concha received an offer to star in the series “Pharmacy open”, Playing the pharmacist Lourdes Cano, surely the role that has given her the most popularity. His success was such that he was no less than four seasons on screen. Since then, we can cite their participation in some chapters of “Central Hospital“Or in”Hunters of men”.

As far as cinema is concerned, his work in this medium has not been very prolific. He made his debut in 1962 in “Song of youth“, Starring Rocío Dúrcal, and”The face of terror”, Of the same year. Then he did not participate in any film until 1974, when he shot “The hunters”.

Of the rest of his filmography it is worth highlighting “The powerful influence of the moon“,”Slugs, slimy death“,”The river that takes us“,”My son Arturo“,”The woman of my life“Or”The conspiracy of El Escorial”.

Suffice it to say about her personal life that she was married to the director Manuel Ripoll, from whom she separated in 1986. She has two children, who have also dedicated themselves to the world of entertainment: Laila Ripoll, playwright, and Juan Ripoll, illuminator and actor.

Among the many awards that the actress has won, we highlight, among others, the Silver Photograms for the best television actress for her work in the series “Farmacia de Guardia”, for which she also has the TP de Oro of the years 1991, 1992 and 1993.