Color Pop and Other

Color Pop and Other New FeaturesByNitish Singh-May 11 2018.525 Figure 1 Image Credit: 9to5Google version 3.20 of Google Photos contains Color Pop and other new features revealed on Google I / O. Users wishing to get immediate access to the update will download mirrored Apk files to their computers. Google revealed several smart Ai editing features bound to the Google Photos app during the recently concluded Google I / O 2018. In less than 24 hours from the conference’s end new featuresseem to roll out to some users. The new update was first noticed by a Reddit user who noted that Google is pushing out version 3.20 of the smart Ai editing features. Color Pop is among the highlight features of the new update. The tool lets users make the background of a black and white image while retaining the subject’s color. .526 Although many users have not been able to access the new feature despite updating the app to the latest version. It could be a account-specific rollout that may take a few days before all users have access to the new Ai-based functionality. However, the new update gives Ai assistant access to all users who ask users to archive images they are looking at. The software quite easily distinguishes topics. You can also store photos of business card papers and receipts using the new Google Photos app. Certain smart editing tools showcased at Google I / O 2018 have not yet been made available, and the apps are likely to roll out in the days to come. When rollout is complete, Color Pop and the archiving tool should be accessible to all users. If you want to try out the new features right now and have not got the update automatically on your phone yet you can download the latest version of the Apk of Google Photos from third party websites such as Apkmirror. When attempting to install the Apk on your Android device, you may need to activate unknown sources when prompted to make install.