Coffee Brown Hair Color

If you’re a brunette you’ve certainly come to the right place. We have some really great hairstyles and ideas about hair color that look great for you. Whether it is solid diluted with highlights or washed towards the ends in a lighter softer tone, coffee brown hue ravishes.

Coffee Brown Hair Color Ideas

Black Coffee Hair With Shadow Highlights

This shadow look is great for brunets who want to add some highlights of creamy caramel. Elizabeth Gillies went to soft curls to show off the soft smooth color transition that accentuates flatteringly her facial features. Jaguar PS /

Roasted Coffee Hue With Ash Brown Tint

Maria Canals-Barrera has a beautiful dark brown hair color mixed with the hue of roasted coffee beans. The lighter ash brown tints add the depth and size enhanced by the curly texture in this example. You can also easily get the look of Maria. Just curl your hair away from the face with a curling iron.

Helga Esteb /

Coffee Brown Hair Color For Blondes

Mixing coffee hair color with dark blonde balayage highlights is a really great way to add some drama to your locks. Isn’t Laura Nativo with her two-tone locks looking great? Recreating the look with just a little coffee hue is so simple for blondes!

Phil Stafford /

Dark Espresso Hair Color And Dramatic Curls

Mila Kunis tried a very cool dark espresso color with a lighter, golden brown color at the very ends. Gracefully swept to one side dramatic curls are an excellent hairstyle to try with this paint.

DFree /

Coffee Brown Hair Color Fade Into Caramel

Jennifer Widerstrom reveals how amazing a combination of coffee and caramel on your locks can look. It’s a nice way to soften your face without the possibility of adding your years to your skin. Jennifer has styled her locks into simple, effortless curls to show them off. By spring this look works so well, but it can also warm up your cool days!

Helga Esteb /

Copper Hue For Dark Hair

Redheads can also embark on the color trend of coffee hair. How great is Michelle Defraites looking at her silky locks with such a warm tone? Once mixed with a red tone, a coffee hair color turns into a glamorous dark copper shade.

Helga Esteb /

Lovely dark coffee brown hair color

We don’t have to be mid or medium when it comes to coffee shades. Zoe Saldana has the beautiful dark coffee hair color and with her skin tone it just fits so well. Her messy side of the fishtail is also quite irresistible!

Helga Esteb /

Deep And Solid Mocha Hair Color

Ariel Winter sports a very fashionable coffee mocha hair color and looks perfect with it. It flatters so well her pink skin tone and brings her eyes out really. Style curls waves or tresses that are perfectly straight. With this shade, you can actually pull off any look!

DFree /

Coffee Brown Hair Color With Chocolate Highlights

Coffee browns have been popular for many years and that’s why! They are perfect as a base color which can be set by delicious highlights or shadows. Ming Na Wen gives us a lovely mix of coffee and caramel. Helga Esteb /

Reddish Streaks On Dark Brown Base

Hannah Simone is pampering her long locks with a rich and exquisite brown mix. A smooth transition into the soft chocolate from dark coffee brown is spiced with reddish streaks dotted across her beautiful mane.

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