Chusa Barbero – Biography of Chusa Barbero

The actress Chusa Barbero was born on July 5, 1969 in Madrid.

She is above all a theater actress, although she has also made forays into the world of cinema, as well as on the small screen, a medium that, despite not being the one she has worked on the most, is the one that has given the popularity.

His theatrical debut can be placed in 1991, with the play “Don Juan Tenorio”, directed by Ángel Facio and which he performed at the Albéniz Theater in Madrid. The following year, the actress performed “Cavalcade, the magic of time”, which took place within the framework of the Seville Expo, and in 1994 she participated in the musical “White on the outside, yellow on the inside, what is it? ”, At the National Theater in Madrid, a play that was part of the Autumn Festival.

The actress has performed in the most prestigious theaters in Madrid, such as the Centro Dramático Nacional, and in a large number of theater festivals or other events, such as the Mérica Festival or the Veranos de la Villa.

As an example of some of the titles of works that he has represented, we can highlight “Macbeth”, “Of women and marriages”, “Quo Vadis”, “The test”, “History of a staircase”, “The gentleman of Olmedo” or “Time and the Conways”, among others.

As for television, the actress made her debut, in 1996, in the series “El super”, after which she also worked in “Médico de familia” and “Ada Madrina”.

She became very popular, as we have said before, especially from the year 2000, when she was hired for the series “Hospital Central”, where she played Dr. Susana Cortés, a very introverted emergency doctor who had an affair with Mario .

Subsequently, he has appeared in other series with a large audience such as “Tell me how it happened”, “The commissioner”, “Genesis, in the mind of the murderer”, “The boarding school” or “Lalola”.

As for the cinema, her debut was directed by Azucena Rodríguez, in the film “Entre rojas”, after which she worked on the feature film “Your name poisons my dreams” by Pilar Miró.

In 2000 Jaime Chávarri offered him a role in his film “Besos para todos”, where he worked alongside Emma Suárez and Pilar López de Ayala. Other titles of his filmography are “To pay at destination”, “Link”, “Do with me what you want”, “Catharsis” or “Love me”.

She was a candidate for the Goya Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the film “Besos para todos”.