Chuck Berry – Chuck Berry Biography

Chuck berry He was born on October 18, 1926, in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Son of Martha who was a teacher and from Henry, contractor and Baptist deacon.
He is the third of the six children that the couple had.

Berry began his studies at the Simmons Grade School and high school he did it at the first black school in western Mississippi called Sumner High School, where he also did his studies Tina Turner.

Chuck is a musician, performer, guitarist and vocalist recognized throughout the world as one of the pioneers in the Rock And Roll.
His beginning as a guitarist occurred in the 50’s, at that time rock was frowned upon by the authorities, since it was believed that it was black music and the pelvic movements of the characteristic dance of that style of music were something perverted.

In 1953, he was playing in a band that performed in bars called “Sir John’s Trio”, which after a while was renamed “Chuck Berry Combo“.
It was undoubtedly one of the best Blues bands in the city, the only one that could be bought was with the band of Ike turner.

In 1955 he began his professional career when he traveled to Chicago and met Muddy waters, who helps you contact the Chess Records.

Under this seal Chuck recorded dozens of long-term hits that were performed by hundreds of rock groups and singers.

Topics like “Roll Over Beethoven”, Rock and Roll Music “,Route 66 “, Johnny B. Goode “, “Maybellene Y Sweet Little Sixteen “, are currently Rock and Roll classics.

In that same year the album goes on sale “Maybellene” containing the topic “Roll Over Beethoven”, which positions it at number 29 in the ranking.

In 1957, Berry and other bands in the area such as “Everly Brothers” YBuddy Holly “ they got together to tour across the United States.

In 1959 the guitarist had problems with the law, who accused him of smuggling minors, making him pay a fine of 5000 dollars, and a prison sentence for 5 years.

In 1963 he got out of jail and went on tour with his guitar and nothing else.
In all the cities there were groups that knew the music of Chuck, which made his work easier, since he hired them to give some recitals and then continued with his trip.

In 1979 he again had problems with the law, this time for tax evasion, which caused him to remain locked up for another four months and have to give 1000 hours of benefit concerts.

There is a well known documentary called “Hail! Hail! Rock ‘n Roll’“which deals with the life of this musician as well as others like Keith richards Y Eric Clapton.

Chuck berry He is a pioneer in Rock music and that is why, in addition to his virtuosity, he is one of the greatest influences that this genre had.

Many well-known musicians highlight his influence as Nat King Cole, Louis jordan, Muddy waters, Keith richards, John Lennon Y Angus young.

Chuck berry He died on March 18, 2017, in his St. Louis. Death occurred from natural causes and medical efforts were useless after a discomfort led the artist to a state of unconsciousness from which he never recovered, dying shortly after. He was 90 years old.