Christopher Mintz-Plasse – Biography of Christopher Mintz-Plasse

The actor Christopher charles Mintz-Plasse He was born on June 20, 1989 in the city of Los Angeles (California), in the United States. He attended El Camino Real High School, graduating in 2007, the year in which he first appeared on the big screen, in comedy “Superbad“, where he played the role of Fogell. Without any preparation, Chris she got this role with a simple quiz among friends from high school.

Superbad“This is a typical American teen comedy in which Mintz-Plasse He played the nerdy and somewhat loser friend of the two leads with ease, a performance that allowed him to obtain several similar roles in the following years.

In 2008 he was one of the presenters at the MTV Music Video Award, a sign of the great success of “Superbad“Among teenagers. It appeared later in the series”Wainy days“And, in 2008, he got another leading role in the comedy”Role Models“(2008). In David Wain’s film, Christopher plays Augie, another sixteen-year-old who happens to meet the main couple. The teen comedy was applauded at the Sundance Festival.
Being already a well-known figure by the production companies, Christopher He then worked on “Year One” (2008), a sitcom set in the Stone Age, starring Jack Black and Michael Cera.
A year later he worked on the adaptation of the comic: “Kick-Ass. Ready to pound” playing the usual nerdy friend of the protagonist, this time Aaron Johnson, who wants to become a superhero despite his obvious physical inability. Nerdy but resourceful this was the role that allowed him to get out of the uncomfortable shoes of the “loser”.
In 2010, he lent his voice in the animated film “How to Train Your Dragon”, and later participated in the animated comedy “Marmaduke.”
The following year his career took a completely opposite direction when he joined the cast of the horror film “Scary Night”, in which he acted alongside Colin Farrell. That same year he worked again as a voice artist in the animated film “{@pelciula: Norman’s amazing world}”.
Recently Mintz-Plasse the filming of the drama has finished “Tag“, in which he leads the cast seconded by Scout Taylor-Compton, Patrick Alan Davis.

In addition to acting, Christopher play drums in rock band The Young Rapscallions.