The American-born singer has the net worth of $25 million as of May 2019, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Chamillionaire’s biggest income is her career as a rapper, while his business venture helps his fortune as well. It was worth $15 million back in 2018, according to The Richest Chamillionaire and Hakeem Seriki. In comparison, he owns more than US rappers like Ja Rule ($8 million) and DMX ($10 million) but less than 50 Cents owning $30 million. Figure 1 American rapper Chamillionaire owns his debuted and peaked album The Sound of Revenge (2005) at number 10 on the Billboard 200 album chart $25 million net worth well.

Album Sales Earnings

Album Sales Get Ya Mind Right (2002) 150000 $150000 The Sound of Revenge (2005) Over 500000 Ultimate Victory (2007) 79000 in the first week $80000 In 2005 Chamillionaire released the collaborative album Controversy Sells which peaked at 50 on the BillboardTop RB / Hip-Hop charts.

Chamillionaire surely lures many brands seeking endorsement with him with a massive fame. Even if the American rapper has yet to open up on the details of the sponsorship, he can order thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. His Instagram account with over 294 K followers will total up to $881-$1468 per sponsored post as per Influencer Marketing Hub. In addition, Chamillionaire also owns a ChamillionaireVEVO YouTube channel created on May 11, 2009. The channel will receive $8.4K- $134.8 K per year with more than 682 K subscribers. Okay, the artist is also a business leader, investing in companies like Maker Studios (acquired for $700 million from Disney) Cruise (acquired for $1 billion from General Motors) and Lyft. Chamillionaire is also the co-owner of Fly Rydes with a partner based in Houston. He is also the founder of the 2004 Chamillitary Entertainment record label.He first purchased the property in 2006 for $2,125 million. Rapper Chamillionaire’s former Houston house

His Car Collection

Custom Chevy Impala SS- Features Leather upholstered powerful music system and LCD screen Custom 1967 Plymouth Fury- 6.3 liters 8 cylinder engine Dodge Durango SRT AWD- costs around $70,000 Range Rover- Starts from $41,000 and many others Chamillionaire has a collection for the regular luxury For one thing, the rapper owns a diamond-coated Chameleon chain worth around $100,000. Tax Payments

The great empire of Chamillionaire makes him responsible for taxation: land and taxes on income. Well, his house in Houston Texas calls as property tax 2.259 percent of the valued value of the asset. Thus his income tax of about $1 million seeks $360900 including 33.12% Federal tax and 2.97% FICA.

In addition to his professional career, Chamillionaire is also active in charity works and has established the Robin’s Heart Foundation. The aim of the foundation is to raise funds for relief efforts. He has an affiliation with a different charity. Okay, he personally donated $25,000 for the rehabilitation of the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Chamillionaire’s Personal Details: Age Employment Height Family Relationship Born in Washington DC on November 28, 1979, the birth name of the United States Chamillionaire is Hakeem Seriki. Okay, for his other names, Chamillitary Man The Mixtape Messiah and King Koopa, he is also popular. Chamillionaire was born to an African-American Christian mother and a Muslim Nigerian father. He is of mixed ethnicity and holds American nationality. The rapper moved with his family to Houston Texas at the age of 4. He has an occasional rapper named Rasaq Seriki, a younger brother. There is no information on his qualification for education.

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Chamillionaire American Entrepreneur American Rapper American Millionaire Celebrity