Celebrities with Short Hair

Once you’ve committed to shortening your hair, there’s no going back anyway for a while. You probably won’t want to do that besides. If you’re thinking about a short haircut, you’re definitely not alone. There are plenty of hairstyles to choose from and plenty of short hair celebrities to inspire your next salon trip.

Short Hair Perks

We feel cool and trendy during the summer. Often, running late for morning work or getting ready for an evening out takes less time to dress. Short cuts last but not least show off your face. You can play with brow shapes eyeshadows and accessories like fun falling earrings with a very short cut like apixie. Get ready to feel inspired from pixie cuts toblunt bobs with bangs. If you’re ready to dive into the world of shortcuts here are some photos of our favorite famous women celebrities with short hair.

Short Natural Curls

Loving actress Ruth Negga wears natural and super-short curled hair. All this look requires is a natural face for luscious curls and high-shine cosmetics. Embedded from Getty Images

Wavy Tousled Bob

Vanessa Hudgens is proof that in a short cut, naturally thick and wavy hair will look HOT. The bob has been embraced by female celebrities lately, so now is the best time to dive into the trend. With soft flattering waves, Vanessa’s bob frames her face. For those with naturally curly hair, this style is perfect. Embedded from Getty Images

Bright Blue Blunt Bob

The blunt bob is a staple of hairstyle trends but we’re obsessed with the light bob recently and Katy Perry is the queen of blue hairstyles. She went for a bright blue blunt bob with similarly blunt bangs just before she cut her hair even shorter. It’s fun and trendy to look at. Embedded from Getty Images

Super-Short Blonde Pixie

When she decided to go super-short, Michelle Williams changed her life and career completely. Her blonde platinum pixie cut is the inspiration everywhere for girls and women. Embedded from Getty Images

Tousled Bob with Bangs

For a while now, Taylor Swift has been rocking short hair and we still love it. With a shaggy bob, though playing for twists and waves, you can easily pull it into a ponytail. For a cool side part, pull a long bang to the right. Embedded photos from Getty

Wavy Natural Bob

Black stars have revolutionized the bob with their natural hair and curls highlighted. Natural bob Kelly Rowlands is perfect for girls with thicker hair. For women with oval and square eyes, this hairstyle looks fantastic. Embedded from Getty Images

Deep Side Part Bob Cut

Anne Hathaway is not just a fantastic actress she is also a short hairstyle advocate. When she cut off her brown hair, we were all floored in a simple bob cut with long bangs. This sleek and posh look accentuates elegance and femininity. Embedded from Getty Images

The Wavy Lob

The long bob may be pin straight, but it may also look really messy and allured when done intentionally, of course. This look is perfect for Katie Holmes. This look screams next door girl, besides being effortless and carefree. Embedded from Getty Images

Cute Short Updo

Emma Watson knows how to turn short haircuts into charming updos and this is her superpower in the red carpet! This hairstyle is full of texture showing off the face and adding a touch of elegance.

Classic Tousled Mid-Length Hairstyle

Rachel McAdams rocks classic twists and cuts in both the positions she portrays and in real life. This hairstyle appeals to the starlet in all of us with a middle part and slightly twisted ends. And for ponytails and buns, it’s the perfect length. Embedded from Getty Images

Middle Part Finger Waves

Lily Collins shows how good bold brows can look like in combination with a bold cut. This glam look is a modern approach to classic finger waves made with an asymmetrical cut even more trendy. Embedded from Getty Images

Crimped Lob

Prominent among celebrities is the allled long bob with loose waves. Jennifer Lawrence stepped it up and sported on a case with a crimped lob and we can’t wait to try it out. With a middle part and longer bangs, this look works best.

The Messy Spiky Pixie

Embedded from Getty Images is the original pixie cut queen. This style works best for short black hair with a range of layers and styles. This look is great to experiment with the techniques of textures and curling. Embedded photos from Getty

Bob Hairstyle Chin-Length

Nothing is as sexy as a natural chin-length bob. This flattering size matches a broader face and, like Kelly’s, emphasizes a big smile. Embedded from Getty Images

The Sleek Lob

By wearing her long bob haircut straight with aside part, Ashley Greene achieves a brilliant sleek look. This look is flattering universally and matches many aspects of the face. And it’s super-easy to achieve this feel. Embedded from Getty Images

Beyond Buzzed Cut

Kristen Stewart has recently upgraded her personal and hair career wardrobe. She went with a barely-there platinum buzzcut for the boldest look of all of them. For those concerned about what other people think, this look is not those who revel in defiance and confidence. Embedded in Getty Images

Classic Layered and Feathered Bob

For older women, there are plenty of short hairstyles. In her style and cuts, Diane Keaton is always chic and this feathered longer bob is easy to manage and style. Embedded from Getty Images

The Asymmetrical Long Bob

This haircut looks good for and for good reason for everyone who tries it. It produces a aflirty, effortless feel that is irresistible with its face-framing duration and layers. Emma Stone was always familiar with rocking short haircuts! Embedded from Getty Images

Bouncing Curl Bob

We can’t get enough of the relentless confidence of redheadChristina Hendricks. This haircut screams old-school glamor and Hollywood starlet with the tight curls and fiery paint. Embedded from Getty Images

Vintage 1920s Flat Wave

There is endless noise and glamor in this vintage inspired short haircut. For a feminine carefree feeling, it has flattering twisted waves and can be worn for any occasion. Getty Images Embedded And you’ve got it there! There are so many stars with short hairstyles to motivate you to switch abig. Short hair is a fun and fuss-free hair. Experiment with lengths and start with a long-cut if you’re not sure you’re going short. What celebrity-inspired cut are you going to try out? Related Posts Discovering the Jennifer Aniston Beauty range of Kylie Jenner’s Real Hair and Most Popular Hair Zac Efron Hair Miley Cyrus Haircuts and Hair Hair Cuts and Stay Connected Styles Get inspiration from the hair style. Whatever your type of hair, we can help you find the right hairstyles © Copyright 2019 HomeHair Updos