Cbs and Viacom Merge to Tackle Cord Cutting

Cbs and Viacom Merge to Tackle Cord CuttingByThoinot Arbeau-January 15, 2018.393 TV providers are in a tough spot after the growing number of people turning their heads. The Cbs and Viacom merge is supposedly on the horizon with both firms pooling their survival forces.

Cbs and Viacom Merge: Part 2

Earlier in 2010, the two firms already had a merger. They split ways a little over a year ago, however, just to find a tie-up this year again. Both of these firms are in the possession of a Sumner Redstone billionaire. Viacom is currently the sixth largest cable company in the world, with Cbs being one of the five biggest cable companies in the world. .394.394 Cbs also considers their new sports streaming service to be launched. Divtionally, they have big plans to expand the scope of the All Access Cbs website. This merger is just one of many that is about to happen, or has already occurred. In 2014Charter Communications purchased their big rival Time Warner Cable while Sratz’s acquisition of Lionsgate was completed in late 2016. Few other mergers are also expected to occur. .395.395

Cable of Final Thoughts will not leave. But the landscape has changed and thereby the providers have to adapt. Though cord cutting is on the rise, the firms are finding solutions to attract views. It might be their best chance to stick together and merg. What do you think of cable companies and their ongoing fight against cord cutting? Will the merger between Cbs and Viacom be successful for both companies? Leave us in the comment section with your thoughts on the subject.