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CBS All access to Xfinity X1 and Flex Boxes is availableJanuary 11

Biutiful (AKA Beautiful)– drama romance

January 12 Ocean’s 8– action comedy crime – Theatrical premiere

January 13

True Detective– crime drama mystery – Season 3 Première January 18

Veneno: Primera Caída el Relámpago de Jack– action drama sport

January 19 Real Time with Bill Maher– comSling Orange ($25/mo) Sling Blue ($25/mo) Sling Orange + Blue ($40/mo) Customization App packages-Comedy ($5/mo) Espanol ($5/mo) Heartland ($5/mo) Hollywood ($5/mo) Lifestyle ($5/mo) Kids ($5/mo) Sports ($5/mo with Blue or Orange $10/mo) Kids + Comedy + News + Lifestyle ($10/mo) Premium Channels-Showtime ($10/mo) STARZ ($9/mo) EPIX ($5/mo) Expandable by another 50 hours with additional Free trial feature Yes 7 days Visit Sling

3. PlayStation View

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