Cathy Rigby – Biography of Cathy Rigby

Cathleen Roxane Rigby, better known as Cathy rigby, was born December 12, 1952 in Los Alamitos, California. She is the daughter of Anita and Pablo Rigby and has four siblings Steve, Michelle, Jeff and Jill.
In 1968, Cathy was able to participate in the Olympic Games in Mexico City, she was the gymnast who managed to get the highest score and became the favorite of the United States, since, thanks to her and her good performance made gymnastics popular in his country.

Later in 1970 became United States Champion in Gymnastics and achieved the same position two years later.
He won a silver medal in the balance beam at World Championship in 1970, becoming the first American woman to win that medal.

For the 1972 Olympics, he had thought about showing up again, but could not do so due to an injury he suffered on the balance beam that served him as training days before. At that time, it was risky to somersault on the balance beam and therefore he preferred not to participate.

After this sad experience, Cathy decided to retire from gymnastics and married professional soccer player, Tommy Mason. With him successfully running a gymnastics camp, she had two children and wanted to focus her talents on art.
She was chosen to do a TV commercial for Stayfree feminine pads, created by Young & Rubicam and was the first celebrity to advertise a feminine hygiene product.
After this experience, he worked for 18 long years as a commentator for the great network ABC Sports and sporadically, he acted for several television films. In 1976 he appeared as a guest star, playing a Russian gymnast in the series The Six Million Dollar Man.

In 1982 she played the role of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, and it was during this production that he met Tom Mc Coy, who would become her second husband. Thanks to him, was able to cope with bulimia, a disorder that had been with her since the end of her sports career.

Cathy had suffered from bulimia for 12 years and she herself wrote in an article for people magazine in 1984, that she wanted to be perfect, and that a day she consumed 10,000 calories in fast foods, but when she found a bathroom all she wanted was to get rid of it. It was hospitalized twice and nearly died of an electrolyte imbalance.

He had a chance to appear as Peter pan in the eponymous Broadway musical and for her performance she was nominated for a Tony Award.

Today she and her husband Tom own a theatrical production company called McCoy Rigby Entertainment, which produces shows and tours. In 2009 again gave life to Peter Pan and in August 2011 a new show began.